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Palo Alto Networks

Speeding Security Investigation Workflow and Response

Palo Alto Networks and Splunk have partnered to deliver an advanced security analysis solution. The collaboration delivers operational reporting, configurable dashboard views, and adaptive response actions across the Palo Alto Network family of next-generation firewalls, advanced endpoint security and threat intelligence cloud. 

Splunk ingests, visualizes and analyzes data and events from the Palo Alto Networks platform to provide a holistic view of your infrastructure and security posture.

  • Improves your security posture by providing a range of analytics-driven solutions to help defend against modern attacks
  • Enables faster investigation, breach analysis, incident response and threat hunting
  • Improves detection accuracy and investigation effectiveness by operationalizing a wide array of threat intelligence feeds
  • Provides a rich set of security solutions for integrated CLM, SIEM and UEBA
  • Uses packaged and pre-built machine learning capabilities as well as hundreds of third-party and community provided applications
  • Mitigates risk to business continuity and reputation with faster security insight, decisions and automated actions

Visibility and Context Across Your Infrastructure

Splunk provides single pane of glass security visualization, monitoring and analysis by leveraging the user, content and threat data generated by Palo Alto Networks devices, from the data center to the endpoint and out to the cloud.

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Palo Alto Networks App for Splunk

Palo Alto Networks App for Splunk enables security analysts to correlate application and user activities across all network and security infrastructures, from a real-time and historical perspective. Complicated incident analysis that previously consumed days of manual and error-prone data mining can now be automated, saving not only manpower but also enabling key enterprise security resources to focus on critical, time-sensitive investigations.

What can you do with Splunk?