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Public Sector

State and Local Government

Real-time insights to become more agile and resilient

Unleash Your Data

State and local IT leaders are increasingly turning to data-driven strategies to handle their many priorities, from modernization to risk management to citizen experience improvements. Only Splunk offers a unified, cost-effective, extensible and massively scalable data platform that helps them make confident decisions.

Splunk Cloud Platform is authorized at the StateRAMP Moderate Impact Level, accelerating time to value.

With Splunk you can:
  • Deliver critical services reliably and securely — even amid uncertainty.
  • Create flexible and trusted computing environments so you can improve customer experiences and enhance IT service delivery.
  • Monitor for, investigate and mitigate security events more effectively with timely and complete information.
  • Ingest all types of data and run customized queries.
  • Proactively manage risk and meet various compliance mandates with the security analytics platform of choice among government agencies.
  • Rely on AI/ML technologies to reduce manual tasks for your team .
  • Predict service issues before they impact your customers.


Building a foundation of cyber resilience for state and local government

Cyber resilience is a team sport — and agencies can’t succeed alone. Splunk is an experienced partner, ready to help you break down silos and achieve mission success.

Modernize your IT and security infrastructure 

Protect your networks against cybersecurity risks and be prepared for the next cyber attack. Splunk helps keep your data intact and secure in compliance with government security requirements such as StateRAMP moderate, FedRAMP moderate and IL5.

Deliver better digital citizen services

Our citizens depend on critical public services in their everyday lives — and they expect those related digital experiences to be as fast, seamless and intuitive as the ones in the private sector. Splunk’s unified security and observability platform helps agencies keep their systems running smoothly.

Improve law enforcement efficiency

State and local agencies use Splunk to apply resources based on geographic views of crime patterns sorted by type. Splunk correlates and performs advanced analytics on various data sources and uses AI to quickly identify unusual behaviors or anomalies that point to criminal activities —  helping law enforcement agencies move faster on a variety of use cases.

Reduce waste, fraud and abuse

Leveraging risk-based alerting, Splunk can analyze your money flow data in real time to monitor how much is used, plus identify and alert on anomalies. Learn about how New Jersey uses Splunk to detect unemployment benefit fraud — saving billions of dollars.

Strengthen data security

Splunk helps you discover the “who, what, when, where and why” of any security event, while complying with specific EO requirements — including expanded logging capabilities and implementation of zero trust architectures.

Upgrade transportation experiences

Transit authority officials can make transportation safer, smarter and stress-free using correlated ticketing and GPS data to analyze rider habits, traffic schedules and other factors that influence how people get around town. Download the Brief

Enhance public safety

Emergency management services, law enforcement agencies and fire departments alike must be able to coordinate with each other and need real-time information that they can share across disparate technological infrastructures and siloed functions. Splunk offers such public safety organizations real-time insights by collecting, correlating and enriching machine data to ensure mission success. Learn More

Dutch Court System Dutch Court System

Dutch Court System Rules in Favor of Real-Time Data

Splunk is very worthwhile. It allows us to focus on making strategic decisions, and that’s when changing mindset happens.

Erik Boerma, Dutch Court System

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