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Splunk Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are among the most discussed topics of the IT industry these days.

Despite the numbing buzz around AI and ML, it’s more than just an abstract idea or hypothetical application. AI and ML are already powering tools that can give your business decision-making processes a massive upgrade. The technology is here, it’s already proving itself in the market, and it’s increasingly being built with business in mind.

"The good news is: with Splunk, you are more than just well-prepared for this future. Our platform offers comprehensive functionalities in the areas of AI and ML. Want to learn more?

Then we’d like to invite you to our free AI & ML Webinar.


  • Introduction to AI and ML Features in Splunk
  • Customer Use Cases
  • Live Demo of Machine Learning Toolkit, with examples of:
    • Methods for Anomaly Detection
    • Predictive Analytics and Forecasting
    • Clustering
  • Custom Machine Learning, incl.:
    • Expansion with MLSPL API
    • Advanced Containerization
  • Panel and Q&A

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