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Build digital resilience with Splunk.


Why Splunk

Prevent major issues. Recover faster. Adapt quickly.

Today’s organizations are defined by the digital systems that keep operations humming around the clock. That’s why the world’s largest enterprises rely on Splunk’s Unified Security and Observability platform to keep their mission-critical digital systems secure and reliable. 

With the real-time visibility that Splunk provides, security, IT and engineering teams work together to predict problems and find and fix issues fast — before they turn into outages or major disruptions. 

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Reduce Risk

Beyond silos and swivel chairs 

Your security teams deal with a lot — from safeguarding systems to defending against cyberattacks. Splunk is here to relieve the burden, slashing the risk of data breach, IP theft and fraud by up to 70%. We help you and your teams: 

  • Increase efficiency through automation — from reducing alert noise and automating threat response to bidding farewell to repetitive manual tasks. 
  • Integrate your existing tech investments into an open ecosystem — so you can innovate for tomorrow’s security needs.  
  • Take analytics and investigations to the next level with customizable exec dashboards and eyes into every aspect of your security posture. 

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Improve Reliability 

From downtime to thriving

Customers expect seamless, always-on experiences — and if they don’t get it, they’ll go elsewhere. Ditch downtime and delight your customers by relying on Splunk to:

  • Resolve issues 80-90% faster, thanks to guided root cause analysis, intelligent correlation and built-in incident response.
  • Reduce major IT incidents by more than 50% through predictive analytics and proactive business services monitoring.
  • Deliver exceptional experiences and accelerate development by over 90% with real-time visibility into your apps, infrastructure and hybrid environments.

Discover trends and lessons from leaders in the 2023 State of Observability Research Report

Customer Outcomes

Unleashing endless opportunities 

Whether it’s Honda resolving issues 70% faster or Heineken keeping operations as smooth as its beer, premier organizations worldwide trust Splunk to become more efficient, resilient and innovative.  

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