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Powerful Insights to Address Mission Objectives

For Public Sector CIOs and CISOs who need to ensure the success of agency missions, Splunk offers an Operational Intelligence platform that enables fast and confident decisions for resilient, optimal and secure operations. Only Splunk offers a proven, extensible and massively scalable analytics platform for machine data that delivers enterprise-wide visibility in one place.

  • Splunk is deployed by all three branches of government, all 15 cabinet-level departments and all four branches of the US Military
  • Rapid time to value - realize benefits in hours or days, not weeks or months
  • Flexible data platform supports multiple use cases from data collected once
  • Splunk Enterprise has been granted Common Criteria certification (VID #10807) by National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP)
  • Automate compliance monitoring to ease audits, enable self-reporting and ensure a passing scorecard
Customer Success Story

State of Alaska

The state of Alaska counts on Splunk to meet compliance requirements and keep its core systems secure in the face of huge budget deficits. Find out why Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Enterprise Security are a force for good in Alaska at a time when everyone is asking for more from IT.

Splunk for Public Sector



Advanced threats are the biggest risk to our homeland and cyber defense is at the heart of our national security. Splunk Enterprise Security with Advanced Threat detection and User Behavior Analytics (UBA) provides the industry’s most advanced offerings for security analytics and risk management.




Delivering better services to citizens and government employees is critical to every mission and program. The Splunk platform combined with Splunk IT Service Intelligence helps overcome the shortcomings of traditional IT silos by delivering a unified view of critical IT services.  



A broad range of programs are in place to help the government evolve and scale efficiently to deliver better services.  Splunk Enterprise offers an agency-wide foundation to ensure agility and scale for consistent service delivery and mission execution.  


The Opportunity and Challenge of Big Data

Federal Civilian Agencies
Turn machine data into new insights that can be used to provide services to citizens while protecting private data.
Defense and Intelligence Agencies
Collect, analyze and store data to discover threats that could compromise our national security.
State and Local Government
Query structured and unstructured data to achieve efficiencies and provide new services to citizens.