Join faculty and students at more than 200 universities around the world and teach students how to leverage big data analytics, practical cybersecurity skills and data-driven research insights using Splunk. 

Splunk provides a one-year, 10GB license for Splunk software and access to eLearning to qualifying not-for-profit universities at no cost. To qualify, your school must be an accredited not-for-profit institution of higher education and use the license and eLearning for teaching purposes only.

Splunk will provide free software, standard support, and complimentary access to Splunk eLearning for all Splunk Academic Partners, and complimentary access to Splunk eLearning for all qualifying students. 

Splunk Pledge commits to donate a minimum of $100 million over a 10-year period in software licenses, training, support, education and volunteerism to nonprofit organizations and educational institutions to support academic research and generate social impact.    

If you don't qualify for our Splunk4Good program you can still download and install Splunk software for free and start analyzing data in minutes. 

All fields are required unless noted. This form must be completed by an official of the organization. Terms are binding. You MUST enter a valid physical mailing address to be a viable applicant for the Splunk Pledge.

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