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Artificial Intelligence

Accelerate digital resilience with AI

Reduce the time and effort to detect, investigate, and respond to incidents with AI purpose-built for security and observability.

How AI Powers Digital Resilience


of security professionals expect AI to have game-changing benefits.


of CISOs say that AI will help alleviate skills gaps and talent shortages.


of businesses state that AIOps is a key enabler for their observability goals.

AI by the numbers

Ensure responsible AI outcomes

Realizing value in this new era of AI requires a thoughtful approach. That’s why Splunk created an AI philosophy to guide our long-term strategy and the responsible use of AI.

  • Domain-specific: To ensure accurate outcomes and better productivity, AI needs to be purpose-built for security and observability and embedded into workflows.
  • Human-in-the-loop: AI should augment human intelligence, not replace it. Keeping humans in the driver’s seat is key to delivering trustworthy AI outcomes.
  • Open and extensible: One AI doesn’t fit all. Customers and partners can extend Splunk models or apply their own models to data across Splunk and other stores.
Headshot of Hao Yang

AI will radically reimagine the way we solve business challenges and deliver customer value, but such a widespread impact requires a holistic approach. That’s why Splunk is embedding trust into every aspect of our AI strategy.

Hao Yang, Splunk Vice President of Artificial Intelligence

How Splunk AI Helps

Security, IT, and engineering teams must sift through exploding data volumes to identify anomalies before they become disruptions, and keep systems up and running. Empowered with AI, they can now be more productive and reduce the time to detect, investigate, and respond to incidents.

Not all types of AI are alike, so Splunk is investing in two dimensions to achieve better security and observability outcomes:

Generative AI solutions

With natural language prompting and data summarization embedded into everyday security and observability workflows, teams can increase productivity and effectiveness.

Gradient Leaves growing out of a dataset
A head with a circuit inside and gradients circles at the endpoints of the circuits

Foundational AI solutions

Use machine learning that enables teams to separate signal from the noise in a sea of data to improve incident detection and understand problems faster.

Discover Splunk AI

Splunk is our window into the health of our applications.

César Mendoza, Application Development Manager, Strategic Systems and Innovation

Hyatt reduces MTTR and gives developers more time to innovate with Splunk Enterprise and Machine Learning Toolkit.


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