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The Hidden Costs of Downtime Strike Below the Surface

Global 2000 companies lose $400B annually when their digital environments fail or service slows to a crawl. Discover how resilient organizations right the ship and avoid unforeseen disasters and hefty damages.



Downtime sinks the bottom line

Direct downtime costs such as revenue loss, regulatory fines, and overtime expenses hit organizations hard. But below the surface, hidden costs like loss of innovation, productivity, and tarnished reputation deal an equally devastating blow.

  • Revenue takes the biggest hit, subtracting $49M per company.
  • 64% of technology execs say downtime diminishes productivity.
  • Post-incident, stock price value drops 2.5% on average.


Downtime comes from anywhere

Downtime is not just a technical concern, it’s a business imperative. Respondents confirm that downtime stems from ITOps, engineering, and security issues. No department or role is safe from its impact.

  • 56% of downtime is cybersecurity-related; 44% comes from application or infrastructure issues.
  • MTTD for human error-caused downtime is 17-18 hours; MTTR falls between 67-76 hours.
  • 41% of tech execs reveal customers often detect downtime first.



Traits and tactics of resilience leaders

When it comes to downtime, digitally resilient organizations fix problems faster and avert financial damage. Discover the common characteristics of leading organizations to inform your own strategy. Learn how resilience leaders:

  • Recover 84% faster from ransomware attacks.
  • Pay $20M less in regulatory fines and missed SLA penalties post-incident.
  • Expand their use of generative AI features in existing tools at 4x the rate of non-leaders.

Uncover the hidden costs of downtime