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Adhere to compliance requirements while reducing operational overhead, errors and costs with a data-centric approach.



The complexity of compliance

Reporting on firewall, access control and application logs is difficult and costly. Each of these systems generate logs in different formats and locations. Each auditor request involves a different, manual procedure. 


A proactive and analytics-driven approach to compliance.

Automate Data Collection Automate Data Collection

Automated data collection

Collect, search, monitor and analyze data using a centralized solution to meet compliance requirement.

Continuous Risk Assessment Continuous Risk Assessment

Continuous risk assessment

Get real-time insights into your environment's risk posture and compliance.

Painless Audit and Reporting Painless Audit and Reporting

Easy auditing and reporting

Identify your organizational gaps against regulations with automated compliance tasks and customized reports to ease the burden of audits.


A single platform to operationalize compliance

Quickly gain real-time posture and insights across all IT resources and security controls to clear compliance and pass audits with minimal effort, regardless of mandate or regulatory framework.

Compliance reporting

Meet explicit requirements for monitoring, reviewing and retaining logs, configurations and other machine data. Automatically generate ad-hoc reports and automate scheduled searches to answer auditors’ questions.

Compliance reporting

Security monitoring

Index audit trails across firewalls, applications, access control, intrusion detection systems and other components, then save, schedule and set alerting rules. Easily add new data sources and searches as new mandates emerge.


Built-in protections and compliance

Streamline change management with powerful indexing, search, alerting and reporting. With Splunk, you can search, alert and report on data from virtually any source.

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Orchestrate and automate response to increase SOC productivity and accelerate investigations.

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Advanced Threat Detection

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Detect faster with Splunk integrations

Splunk Cloud and Splunk Enterprise Security support 2,800+ applications that expand Splunk’s capabilities in security — all available for free on Splunkbase.

Learn more about compliance and data privacy

Data privacy is a subset of data protection concerned with the protection and access of personal data. It's important that individuals have the ability to determine for themselves how and why their personal data is accessible by others. In some jurisdictions, there are laws governing data privacy.

Data security is related to keeping any type of data safe from attack or corruption. Data privacy is related to the safeguarding of personally identifiable information and, specifically, the proper usage of that information.

Some of the laws and regulatory compliance frameworks meant to protect data privacy include the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), national data protection laws in countries like Canada and Japan, and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Additionally, there are many industry-specific regulations, such as HIPPA in the United States, which focuses on personal healthcare data.

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