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Optimize web and mobile performance

Move beyond basic uptime to prioritize web, mobile, and application performance metrics that ensure exceptional end-user experiences with every deployment.



Poor user experience can cost your business — a lot

Delivering great user experiences has become harder. Digital technologies are changing fast and creating more system complexity. When you can’t easily find and fix the source of customer-impacting issues or meet users’ expectations, performance declines. The result? Customer satisfaction plummets and your business suffers.


Optimize performance to deliver great customer experiences

See everything clearly See everything clearly

Detect issues proactively

Proactively monitor the entire user journey to ensure uptime and performance, and fix problems before they reach real users.

Cut production downtime Cut production downtime

Correlate from the frontend to the backend

Avoid context switching and blind spots with end-to-end visibility of all your data sources and types, from web browsers to backend services.

Accelerate new use cases Accelerate new use cases

Automatically fine-tune performance

Continuously detect issues and prioritize improvements with integrated alerting and industry-standard user experience and SEO metrics on setup.


Find and fix issues that impact your end users faster

Splunk provides full transaction analysis on unsampled data, enhanced visualizations and video replays to streamline troubleshooting. Get to the cause of end-user issues quickly, regardless of whether the issue originated in the frontend or the backend and improve mean time to resolution (MTTR).

We’re all attuned to the potential business impact of downtime, so we’re grateful that Splunk Observability helps us be proactive about reliability and resilience with end-to-end visibility into our environment.

Jose Felipe Lopez, Engineering Manager, Rappi

Deliver a great user experience with every deployment

With Splunk Observability Cloud, you can integrate uptime and performance testing into your CI/CD pipelines and pre-production processes. Check aspects of your user experience — like login or check out — and eliminate lag or errors in the customer journey before pushing new features to real users. 

Splunk’s Filmstrips help our business and marketing users understand exactly how new features or content impacts performance. Teams see exactly how the page loads both before and after adding a new design feature to the site, which creates accountability with marketing and our third-party vendors.

Scott Jungling, Frontend Engineering Manager,

Build a culture of performance to fix before failure

Splunk Observability Cloud offers the most modern performance metrics of any observability platform, with a built-in library of more than 300+ performance best practices. Quickly identify common issues, measure performance for key metrics and implement fixes that improve customer experience.

From testing new features to identifying easy performance wins, Splunk Synthetic Monitoring helps embed performance across our development life cycle. We've decreased load time by 30% with Splunk Synthetic Monitoring helping eliminate customer-facing issues and optimize web performance.

Tom Wilson, Principal Engineer, Blue Apron


Best-in-class digital experience monitoring

Get all the end-user context you need. Seamless connectivity to backend performance data improves web, mobile and application performance to deliver experiences that win customers — and drives revenue.


More that you can do with Splunk

fast-flexible-service-excellence fast-flexible-service-excellence

Isolating problems in cloud native environments

Cloud native apps are complex. With Splunk Observability, one engineer can confidently solve problems across their entire system.

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proactively-resolve-customer-issues proactively-resolve-customer-issues

Understand business impact of changes

Easily identify how infrastructure, apps, and end user experience impacts your business to prioritize what to fix first.

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DevOps DevOps

Cloud monitoring

Get full-fidelity visibility into every cloud and every service across your entire tech stack with real-time metrics monitoring and alerts.

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Learn more about digital experience monitoring

Digital experience monitoring, or DEM, is a top-down, customer-centric approach to monitoring that focuses on customer experience as a main signal for system health, rather than infrastructure or application availability.

Synthetic monitoring simulates end-user interactions with a service or site to help monitor the availability (uptime), functionality and performance of a web page, business transaction or user journey.

RUM provides information about the experience of real users, including: timing (performance) data on how a web page was rendered or delivered content, data on errors (typically JS errors), and dimensional data specific to the end-user (web browser, device type, geography, internet provider, etc.).

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