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Accelerate your time to value with Education and OnDemand Service credits included in your Splunk Success Plan.

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Splunk Success Plans are designed to help you quickly and successfully derive value from our products throughout your journey. Included with your license purchase, Success Plans provide Support, OnDemand Services (ODS), and Education (EDU) that help you get the most out of your Splunk investment.

  Standard Success Plan Premium Success Plan (Optional Purchase) **
Support Standard Premium
OnDemand Services 10
ODS credits per quarter
ODS credits per quarter
Education 700
EDU credits per year
EDU credits per year
Eligibility Criteria* Splunk Platform (cloud or on-prem term): minimum purchase of 250GB, 50 vCPU or 20 SVC
Observability Cloud Enterprise Edition ***: minimum purchase of 200 Infrastructure hosts, 100 Infrastructure and Application hosts or 100 End to End hosts
Splunk Platform (cloud or on-prem term): minimum purchase of 1TB, 100 vCPU or 50 SVC

Observability Cloud Enterprise Edition ***: minimum purchase of 500 Infrastructure hosts, 300 Infrastructure and Application hosts or 300 End to End hosts

* Only the products and editions listed in this table are eligible for ODS and EDU credits as part of success plans. For legacy Success Plans purchased prior to Sep 30, 2022 please refer to our legacy Success Plan table.

** Customers also have the option to purchase the same Splunk product with a Standard Success Plan instead

*** Ala’ Carte and Commercial Edition Observability products do not include ODS or EDU credits


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A comprehensive and prioritized experience for your Splunk Platform with Success Plan Enhancements

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Success Plan FAQs

A Splunk EDU credit can be used to redeem courses from the Splunk education catalog and OnDemand Services (ODS) credit can be redeemed for services activities from the Splunk OnDemand Services catalog. For example, one EDU credit can provide roughly three hours of training content for a single subject and five ODS credits can be used for a “use case advisory” session with a Splunk product expert.

Credits for OnDemand Services can only be used for OnDemand Services and not interchangeable with EDU — likewise EDU credits can only be used for EDU offerings.

Qualification for success plans are based on minimum product purchase requirements and those vary for Standard and Premium success plans as detailed above. For purchases made before Feb 1, 2022, please refer to our legacy Success Plan table.

Success Plans includes separate credits for Education and OnDemand Services. Education credits can be redeemed for courses from the education catalog. OnDemand Services credits can be redeemed for any activity in the OnDemand Services catalog.

You can check your EDU and ODS credit balance using the Splunk Support Portal. Learn how to redeem EDU credits and OnDemand Services credits.

Yes. EDU and ODS credits can be purchased on their own at any time for any reason.

TAM and Value Boost are designed to help you achieve targeted and specific technical and business outcomes and deliver a personalized and expedited Support experience.

The TAM Service includes a designated product expert that intimately understands your environment and can guide your maturity journey, advise you on complex technical issues, ensure an expedited support experience and assist your Splunk experts with their education needs.


The Value Boost Service provides you with a designated Platform consultant that understands your environment and provides direct technical advisory assistance when required. It also includes a comprehensive technical and business assessment of your environment designed to create an action plan to achieve your outcomes and hands-on execution of that action plan in your environment.

TAM is available for Splunk Platform and Value Boost supports Splunk Platform, Security and Observability.

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