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Analyst Report

Vendor Selection Matrix™ — AIOps Solutions 2023

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As more organizations have embarked on digital transformation and the complexity of IT environments has grown, there has been a corresponding increase in the adoption of AIOps solutions to gain insight from the volumes of data available across the technology stack and help organizations increase digital resilience.

In this report, you’ll learn why Splunk was named a Leader in AIOps solutions and selected as a top vendor among a group of 1,500 enterprise IT and business managers around the globe. Read how:

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  • Splunk uniquely addresses different and critical use cases with OOTB capabilities
  • Two integrated products, Splunk Observability Cloud and Splunk Enterprise, support resilience strategies by helping organizations proactively manage their complex environments
  • Splunk’s large — and growing — community of technology experts and partners results in high customer satisfaction

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