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IT modernization

Accelerate IT innovation without compromising service reliability.

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Legacy IT environments and processes hold back innovation

Disconnected data, tool sprawl and inefficient IT management workflows limit service visibility and slow down mean time to resolution. IT teams spend too much time reacting to issues instead of delivering impact.


Maximize IT impact with AIOps

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360-degree monitoring

KPI-driven dashboards display how services are tracking against SLOs.

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Machine learning and advanced analytics

Predictive alerting prevents outages from affecting end users.

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Integrated service context

The incident management panel prioritizes issues by how seriously they’ll disrupt services or KPIs.

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Deliver business results with the help of end-to-end visibility

Replace siloed monitoring tools with Splunk’s data-agnostic platform to truly understand the health of your organization’s systems.

I’ve been in IT management for over 20 years… this is the first time I’ve been able to do heterogeneous, up-and-down-the-stack monitoring of my IT environment.

Director of Performance Management, Leidos

Minimize costs with fewer outages

Prevent expensive downtime with advanced analytics and intelligent incident response.

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Improve operational efficiency with fast response times

Streamline manual, noisy IT workflows with integrated solutions for alerting, triage, investigation and response.

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Visibility, speed and control of your services

Splunk solutions support key initiatives to improve operational efficiency, protect customer experience and maximize revenue.

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Application modernization

Measure the impact of software changes, understand service health and consistently deliver great customer experiences.

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Shared visibility for DevOps, IT operations and software development teams into infrastructure and applications.

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Cloud migration

Bring full context to high-priority incidents so you can respond quickly and confidently.

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Splunk App for Content Packs

Your one-stop shop for prepackaged content, out-of-the-box searches and dashboards for common IT monitoring sources. Free for Splunk Platform and Splunk ITSI users, no SPL required.

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