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Ingest Pricing

Take a volume-based approach to pricing and align your investment with the amount of data brought into Splunk Platform per day.


Why choose Ingest Pricing

This pricing is based on how many gigabytes of data are ingested into Splunk products per day. If you need to ingest more data, you can upgrade to the next volume tier. 


Scale up within the confines of your data volume

Add users and increase search activity within your ingest plan — all without any additional costs.


How Ingest Pricing works

Ingest Pricing is a traditional model driven by the amount of data brought into Splunk Platform.

The model

This volume-based pricing option is ideal when companies have a strong data strategy, clear, predictable use cases, and understand which data is most valuable. If you have done a data tiering exercise, you will have a better idea which data to ingest and when.



Licensing options

Splunk Platform is available as a cloud or on-premises offering.

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Ingest Pricing offers volume-based pricing to customers based on GB/day data ingestion into Splunk products. If you need to use more data, you can purchase the next ingest level available. 

Term licenses are available for on-premises and annual subscriptions are available for cloud solutions.

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