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Responsible AI at Splunk Overview

We appreciate that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be leveraged to power an inclusive future for all. We also recognize that by using this technology, there are risks. That is why Splunk embraces the AI principles of Accountability, Transparency, Privacy, Fairness, and Resilience.


Splunk is committed to continuing our internal focus as well as collaborating with our external partners and stakeholders to improve our collective understanding of the societal and human rights impact of AI. 


Shaped by humans. AI systems should embrace human oversight and those responsible for the different phases in the AI system lifecycle should be identifiable and accountable for the outcomes.


Glass box approach. AI systems and the use of data should be explainable, transparent, and understandable to our customers and stakeholders.


Data Trust. Splunk AI is designed to respect and protect individual privacy and the confidentiality of personal and organizational data.


Institutionally unbiased. AI systems should be inclusive and accessible and avoid discrimination or bias.


Built to withstand. AI systems should be developed and deployed to help ensure safety, security, and resiliency, even in the presence of unintended failures and malicious attacks.