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How Vodafone Optimizes Performance of one of the World’s Largest ITSM Deployments with Splunk

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Learn how Vodafone, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies uses Splunk Enterprise and Splunk ITSI to proactively monitor business critical services and to address issues before they arise.

Vodafone Technology Shared Services, TSS, is responsible for ensuring the quality and efficiency of Vodafone’s global infrastructure. The internal division of Vodafone provides IT services globally across 26 countries, for 8,500 employees and as a result, the sheer volume of infrastructure that they manage means that troubleshooting can be difficult. Watch how the organization uses Splunk to gain end-to-end visibility as well as analytics on top of monitoring to get answers from 130 services sending data into Splunk.

Vodafone uses Splunk to:

  • Monitor one of the largest global ITSM platforms with 13,000 daily users
  • Empower the operations team to predict downtimes
  • Explore Machine Learning capabilities for predictive maintenance

Watch the session from SplunkLive! London to hear how Vodafone is using Splunk for specific use cases, as well as future plans for predictive alerting.

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