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The Splunk App for Fraud Analytics

Armed with the Splunk App for Fraud Analytics, fraud prevention teams can quickly detect, investigate and respond to fraud activities — protecting your organization from financial and reputational loss. 

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Patterns of fraud are seen in machine data that legacy tools don’t see

Centralize Fraud Data and Workflows

Break down silos between people and technology for a centralized fraud approach. Collect data from point solutions, consolidate the fraud scores they produce, and facilitate consistent, collaborative investigations into fraud events.

Quantify Fraud Risk Down to the Dollar Amount

Understand the business-level impact of fraud threats and mitigation efforts. Flexible, advanced reporting and visualizations make it easy to analyze, measure, and manage fraud risk.

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Splunk delivers integrated anti-fraud technology that can monitor any data to detect fraud patterns sooner

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Proactively Monitor

Pre-configured correlation searches automatically monitor collected data and create notable events for potential fraud attempts, like account takeovers and new accounts fraud. 

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Find Outliers

Detect and investigate outliers via anomalies in machine data that will help pinpoint fraudulent activity

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Determine Business Impact

With pre-configured dashboards, you can  quantify real-time fraud risk and mitigation efforts down to the dollar amount and easily share summaries of business-level fraud metrics. 

Why Splunk for Enterprise Fraud Monitoring?

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We were able to do extraordinary things in a very short period of time to detect advanced threats. Ultimately, that was the decision point for us to make a much larger investment in Splunk Enterprise Security and UBA across our different security use cases.

D.J. Goldsworthy, Director of Security Operations and Threat Management, Aflac
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Deliver critical services without the fraud

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