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Accelerating Forward: The State of Cloud-Driven Transformation by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

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Download this new report on cloud-driven transformation from Harvard Business Review (HBR) Analytic Services. Find out why cloud implementations proliferated even more than last year, with 67% of senior executives surveyed reporting that their organization has accelerated its plans for cloud adoption.

Yet 62% — nearly two-thirds — agree that their organization is having difficulty keeping up with the rapidly evolving technology roles and responsibilities required to manage its increased cloud adoption. Reasons include:

  • Complexity
  • Cybersecurity and data privacy
  • Cloud talent concerns

In this report, you’ll understand the state of cloud-enabled transformation today, and you’ll get concrete steps and best practices that organizations are taking to overcome the challenges of an increasingly hybrid world:

  • Defining a clear strategy for managing and using data
  • Improving security of cloud resources
  • Investing in AI-enabled analytics
  • Consolidating tools and processes

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