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Drive Greater Value from Data and Analytics Insights With Cloud

Greater Insight. Greater Value.

With the connected world we live in, the digital systems that once only helped support organizations in meeting customer expectations are now responsible for handling the vast majority of interactions with customers. The underlying architectural complexity of reliance on third-party services, interdependent hybrid and mulitcloud technology stacks introduces new risks and less resilient systems than those deployed in the past. Splunk helps make organizations more resilient. Leading organizations use our unified security and observability platform to keep their digital systems secure and reliable and to draw business critical insights from the underlying data.

Accenture and Splunk have partnered to bring data-driven solutions to clients by leveraging Splunk solutions with Accenture’s high-performing services within IT, Security, Business Analytics, and IoT. Getting any insight from data can be challenging due to legacy systems that aren’t built to handle varied data. As a strategic partner, Accenture has more trained and certified Splunk resources than any other partner that can help our clients solve industry challenges. Together, Accenture and Splunk offer services that collect data from any source and correlate that information to deliver real-time, actionable insights to help clients grow revenue, improve productivity, lower costs and reduce risks. Accenture and Splunk are focused on offering end-to-end solutions that help our customers be prepared for industry challenges:

  • Leveraging Business Analytics solutions to consume and process unstructured data
  • Understanding and streamlining IoT to connect devices across the organizations
  • Data-driven responses to security and data compliance, threat detection and response
  • Advanced algorithms to process Artificial Intelligence Operations (AI Ops) for speed service delivery
  • Providing end-to-end visibility across transactional systems to address the challenges of a modern Supply Chain.

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Explore Accenture and Splunk’s threat-based approach and how it can improve the value of your security data sources.

Use Observability Data to monitor Data Center CO2 Emissions

Splunk and Accenture explain how our dashboards can impact global GHG emissions and guide your CO₂ reduction goals.

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