Case Study

Kurt Geiger Uses Real-Time Insight Into Machine Data to Support Global Websites

Executive Summary

Luxury footwear giant Kurt Geiger has been at the forefront of design for over 50 years. It has more than 80 stores and over 240 concessions. Kurt Geiger’s websites serve more than one million page views daily, so customer experience is vital to business and uptime is key. The company needed a solution that used the insights provided by machine data to speed troubleshooting and ensure optimum customer experience. Since deploying Splunk Enterprise, the company has seen benefits including: 

  • Proactive troubleshooting to ensure website performance
  • Real-time monitoring for confidence in the cloud
  • Website traffic insights to support customer experience
    • Time consuming and resource heavy approach to website fault resolution 
    • Inability to provide insight into crucial business questions around sales performance in real time 
    • A reactive rather than proactive approach to website issues and anomalies 
Business Impact
    • Real-time insight enables Kurt Geiger to ensure an optimum customer experience, even during peak sales periods 
    • Proactive troubleshooting results in the faster resolution of issues 
    • Real-time monitoring ensures confidence in the cloud 
Data Sources
    • Flat files 
    • Log files 
    • MySQL database 
    • SQL server databases 
    • Amazon Cloudtrail 

Why Splunk?

Supporting website uptime and providing a smooth shopping experience is the mandate of Kurt Geiger’s e-commerce team. But, when errors and issues occurred, the team was faced with a slow and manual troubleshooting process to identify the cause and resolve the problem. The e-commerce team needed a solution that would bring together all the siloed machine data generated by Kurt Geiger’s websites, to make it searchable in real time and enable rapid troubleshooting. A shift to the cloud meant that Kurt Geiger also needed visibility into a large Amazon Web Services (AWS) deployment. 

For website analytics, Kurt Geiger relied on insights from Google analytics provided by a third party. With the growing importance of e-commerce, the company needed to be able to get answers, in real time, to crucial business questions around sales performance, especially around seasonal sales and online promotions. 

Kurt Geiger selected Splunk Enterprise as its platform for searching, alerting and visualizing across domains including and Kurt Geiger is now using Splunk software to gain real-time insights from machine data across the business. The ease of use and reporting functionality of Splunk Enterprise has recently been extended from the e-commerce team to the company’s marketing division to enable greater insight into the success of marketing campaigns. Kurt Geiger is now looking at how to extend the benefits Splunk Enterprise delivers to all corners of the business. 

“Being able to download the product and get up and running right away made choosing Splunk a no brainer. When I look at the e-commerce chain from customer service, through to the warehouse and even in the physical stores—there’s opportunity to drive value with Splunk everywhere.” 

Adam Bidwell, E-Commerce Systems Architect, Kurt Geiger

Proactive troubleshooting ensures website performance

Before Splunk, the Kurt Geiger team had no way to proactively search for errors across the entire website infrastructure, so they had to wait until the problem was escalated (for example, by a customer contacting the support team about a broken link). By implementing Splunk Enterprise, the company now analyzes all machine data generated by the websites in one place, which allows for faster reaction times from initial alert and investigation to fixing the problem. Using Splunk software has changed the way the e-commerce team works. Instead of being interrupted with error reports and taking a “panic stations” approach, Kurt Geiger now has real-time insight into all e-commerce domains and can stay one step ahead of potential issues. 

“Splunk Enterprise helps maintain the performance of, which means our key digital revenue source keeps sales flowing,” said Adam Bidwell, e-commerce systems architect, Kurt Geiger.

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Real-time monitoring guarantees confidence in the cloud

Kurt Geiger runs its website infrastructure in the cloud on AWS. The company uses the Splunk App for AWS, which integrates with AWS CloudTrail and AWS Config and offers a prebuilt knowledge base of critical dashboards and reports. This allows Kurt Geiger to gain in-depth visibility and insights into its AWS environment, account activity and resource utilization. 

Insight into web traffic ensures optimum customer experience

Kurt Geiger initially deployed Splunk Enterprise to gain a holistic view of website performance. Since then, the e-commerce team has also started to monitor web traffic to ensure an optimum shopping experience for its customers by speeding up website fault resolution. This is particularly useful during peak sales seasons such as Black Friday to ensure that higher volumes of visitors do not impact Kurt Geiger’s services. Monitoring web traffic also allows Kurt Geiger to identify any unusual activity. For example, there have been specific occasions where Splunk Enterprise has reported an unexpected high volume of traffic, allowing the team to investigate suspicious crawling activity and drill down to uncover malicious behaviour. The Splunk platform is helping Kurt Geiger enhance the online experience to ensure its websites live up to its luxury brand values. 

Use cases expand to marketing team

Use of Splunk software at Kurt Geiger recently expanded from the e-commerce team to the company’s marketing division. The marketing team is now using Splunk Enterprise to gain real-time insight into email marketing campaigns and deliver added segmentation information via Splunk dashboards.