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Splunk Support Terms

Last Updated: March 2024

These Support Terms form part of the Splunk General Terms and govern the purchase and provision of Support Services. Capitalized terms not defined here are defined in the Splunk General Terms.

  1. Support Programs. Subject to your payment of applicable Fees, we will provide you the level of support services (“Support Services”) detailed in your purchased Support Program identified in the Order. Our Support Programs are described at
  2. Support Services. Support Services include technical support and, when available, the provision of Enhancements for your Purchased Offerings. Technical support is available via web portal, and where available under your Support Program, via telephone. Support Services are delivered by a member of our technical support team during the regional hours of operation under your Support Program. Support Services are delivered in English unless you are in a location where localized Support Services are available.
  3. Support Policy. Availability and provision of Support Services is subject to our support policy at (“Support Policy”). Our Support Policy details the timelines during which certain On-Premises Products and services are eligible for Support Services, as well as other policies associated with eligibility for support, including (without limitation) the schedule for duration of support, end of support, and supported version of our Offerings (“Supported Version”). The Support Policy may not apply to Hosted Services, and in such case the product and service version we make available as our Hosted Service will be deemed the Supported Version for purposes of these General Term.
  4. Case Priority. Each Support Program offers different support levels based on case priority. When logging the case online, you will select the priority for initial response in accordance with the priority guidelines set out in your Support Program. When the case is received, we may reasonably change the case priority if the issue does not conform to the criteria for the selected priority. When that happens, we will provide you with notice (electronic or otherwise) of such change.
  5. Exclusions. We will have no obligation to provide Support Services for issues caused by any of the following (“Customer Generated Error”): (i) modifications to an Offering not made by us; (ii) use of an Offering other than as authorized in these General Terms or applicable Documentation; (iii) damage to the machine on which an On-Premises Product is installed; (iv) use of a version of an Offering other than the Supported Version; (v) third party products that are not expressly noted in the Documentation as supported by us; or (vi) conflicts related to replacing or installing hardware, drivers, and software that are not expressly noted in the Documentation as supported by us. If we determine your support request is for an issue caused by a Customer Generated Error, we will notify you of that without undue delay. If you agree that we should provide support for the Customer Generated Error via email, then we will have the right to invoice you at our then-current time and materials rates for the support we provide.
  6. Support for Splunk Extensions. Splunk Extensions labeled as “Splunk Supported” (“Splunk Supported Extension”) on Splunkbase or other Splunk-branded marketplace are eligible for limited Support Services, including initial response and acknowledgement in accordance with the P3 terms set out in your Support Program. We may also make Enhancements available. No other terms of Support Programs apply to Splunk Supported Extensions. We will have no support obligations for Splunk Extensions labelled as “Not Supported” (“Not Supported Extensions”) and are not responsible for any impact on your experience of an Offering resulting from Not Supported Extensions. Your sole remedy will be to remove the Not Supported Extension from the Hosted Service. Further, some Splunk Extensions may not be compatible or certified for use with certain Hosted Services (e.g., only specific Splunk Extensions are validated for our FedRAMP authorized environment). Our Documentation contains more information on the Splunk Extensions compatible with your Purchased Offering.
  7. Authorized Support Contacts. You are entitled to designate a certain number of individuals under each Support Program who are authorized to submit support cases (“Support Contacts”). Only Support Contacts may request support from, and communicate with, us in connection with support cases. The number of Support Contacts is based on Offering Capacity and your Support Program and is identified in the customer entitlement information on the Splunk support portal. You must provide the primary email address and login ID for each Support Contact. We strongly recommend that Support Contacts are trained on the Purchased Offering. 
  8. Defect Resolution. If we determine that an Offering has a defect, we will, at our sole option, repair the defect in the version of the Offering that you are then currently using or instruct you to install a newer version with that defect repaired. We reserve the right to provide you with a workaround in lieu of fixing a defect if we in our sole judgment determine that it is more effective to do so.
  9. Your Assistance. If you report a purported defect or error in an Offering, we may require you to provide us with the following information: (i) a general description of your operating environment; (ii) a list of all hardware components, operating systems, and networks; (iii) a reproducible test case; and (iv) any log files, trace, and systems files. Your failure to provide this information may prevent us from identifying or fixing the purported defect or error.
  10. Changes to Support Programs. You acknowledge that, subject to our Support Policy and commitment during the Term, we may discontinue the manufacture, development, sale, or support of any Offering, at any time and in our sole discretion. We further reserve the right to alter Support Programs from time to time, using reasonable discretion, provided that during the Term of your Order, such alterations do not result in diminished Support Services from the level of your Support Program.