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Cloud-deployed Splunk SOAR - Available Now

The SOC is overwhelmed. Analysts are drowning in security alerts - too many to fully investigate and resolve each day. Security operations work is rife with monotonous, repetitive tasks. There is a talent shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals. And mean time to detect, triage, and respond to threats is still too slow.


Stop being overwhelmed. Get in control. With Splunk SOAR now deployable from the cloud, learn how you can empower your SOC with security orchestration, automation and response capabilities to help you:

  • Investigate and respond to threats faster
  • Increase SOC efficiency and productivity
  • Eliminate analyst grunt work so you can stop working hard and start working smarter
  • Go from overwhelmed to in-control of your security operations

If you are interested in cloud-deployed Splunk SOAR, please sign up and we will contact you with more information.

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