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Resilience and Simplicity: Stay Efficient, Productive and Secure With Splunk

Technologies like AI, digital-to-physical conversion and automation are revolutionizing manufacturing. At the same time, they’re challenging companies to provide visibility and collaboration across complex digital systems and legacy silos.
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Macro uncertainties like inflation, trade wars and geopolitical tensions continue to pressure manufacturing organizations to rethink their digital transformation.

These logistical challenges are compounded by a growing attack surface. Nearly half of manufacturing organizations report suffering a data breach over the past two years, up from 39% the year before.

With Splunk’s Unified Security and Observability Platform, manufacturing organizations drive faster detection, investigation and response when it matters most. Download your complimentary copy of “Resilience and Simplicity: Stay Efficient, Productive and Secure With Splunk” to learn how Splunk helps teams:

  • Gain edge-to-enterprise visibility across IT and OT systems.
  • Prioritize incidents to reduce MTTD and MTTR across security and IT while increasing OEE and asset uptime across OT systems.
  • Spend less time analyzing data and more time innovating — improving the customer experience.

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