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Application Performance Monitoring Designed for the Cloud

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Get immediate feedback for faster troubleshooting with Splunk APM, a cornerstone of the Splunk Observability Cloud. Try for free, no credit card required.


An APM tool custom built to miss nothing so you can focus on what matters.


faster troubleshooting

Faster Troubleshooting. Resolve issues faster with built-in visualization and AI-driven workflows including Service Map and Tag Analysis.

total visibility

Total Visibility. No issue goes undetected with our unique NoSample, full-fidelity tracing and streaming analytics.

cloud native

Cloud Native. No wasted efforts with future-proof, vendor agnostic OpenTelemetry instrumentation designed to scale.

Splunk captures all the logs, metrics and traces in a way that allows us to understand any event across our platform, so we can ask questions and get answers.

Matt Coddington, Senior Director of DevOps Engineering,

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