Getting Started With Splunk ITSI Glass Tables

With Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI), you can use data to understand and visualize key metrics that support your business and IT services. Watch the video.


Video Transcript

With Splunk IT Service Intelligence you can quickly use your organization's machine data to understand and visualize key metrics needed to support your business and the services you provide. Using Splunk ITSI's glass tables enables you to clearly communicate your most important metrics to your audience from operations to marketing to business executives.

When designing Splunk ITSI glass tables, there are a few principles to remember. Start with being mindful of your audience and understanding where and how the information is being presented and used, whether it be in your operations center, marketing department or boardroom. As with all great dashboard designs, it's vital that the glass tables have a purpose. The most important part is deciding key metrics before you start designing or building.

What information is important for your audience to make critical decisions, and what information allows them to ask insightful and actionable questions? Focusing on the critical and most actionable data and metrics will deliver clear insights into high level key performance indicators, important to your organization at a glance. With the selected metrics, build your glass table. Glass tables can be built using the rich set of built in widgets, or by uploading your own images of your service maps. Once you have the service map defined in Splunk ITSI, overlay the identified and configured KPIs onto the glass table by simply dragging it from the services panel.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when building glass tables. Be mindful of your audience and the insights they desire while creating visualizations. With the amount of data today, anyone can get lost in a world of eye charts. Avoid overloading your glass tables. The aim is to present important information in a condensed fashion based on the audience. So don't hesitate to create multiple linked glass tables as needed.

Any glass table you create can be modified on the fly and on demand. Effective visuals are important, but these require effort, attention to detail and trial and error. Keep graphics and colors simple, and white space plentiful. Large and readable fonts with clear contrast make for powerful visuals, and are easy to do in Splunk ITSI.

Dashboards increase the analytical power of your visualization by showing multiple service level perspectives from the same machine data. Want to create your own impactful dashboard? Join us for one of our Splunk hands on workshops, or try your own seven day trial version at