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Stitching Notables Together with Event Sequencing

Event Sequencing can take multiple notable events that are created from correlation searches and present them to the analysts as a set of linked notable events and help prioritize response when these chain of events occur.


Balancing Digital Advances with Security Exposure Takes 2020 Vision

Splunk has joined forces with other IT and OT security firms to charter and evolve the Operational Technology Cyber Security Alliance (OTCSA).


Monitoring with Logs: Metrics from AWS FireLens, Splunk and Logstash

SignalFx is advancing its observability capabilities with the introduction of log metricization by way of an official integration with FireLens, the new log aggregation service from AWS.


Meet the Doers: Jenn Gruener, Fez Owner, on Why Splunk Adds Up

In the first installment of our 'Meet the Doers' series, we sit down with Jenn Gruener to discuss her Splunk story in depth and what makes her a data doer.


Splunk Cloud 8.0: New Technology to Help You Transform at Mission Speed

Overview of how Splunk Cloud administrators can take advantage of the new 8.0 features to make their lives easier managing their Splunk Cloud environment at scale.


3 Easy Steps to Data Ingestion with Splunk Investigate

Learn how to get data into Splunk's new investigative tool following this short blog and video tutorials.

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