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Splunking The Election

Splunk is passionate about recreating the way people act on information, and now we’re extending that passion to the 2020 US Presidential Election. We’re focusing on bringing transparency to polling and early voting data, and allowing you to understand this information wherever you are through our 2020 Election Dashboards.


All in on APM

Splunk has been innovating vigorously and expanding its lead as the category defining APM, adding instrumentation capabilities, contributing to OpenTelemetry, simplifying troubleshooting, and providing enterprises with the workflows and controls they need!


Splunk and AWS: Partnering to Accelerate Production-Ready OpenTelemetry

AWS and Splunk are working closely together to bundle the Splunk exporter into AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry so that customers can send metrics and traces to Splunk’s industry-leading observability solutions with seamless plug-and-play integration.

.conf & SplunkLive!

Taking Control of Your Security Mission

Splunk's Albert Biketi discusses the latest security announcements from .conf20 including new updates to Splunk Mission Control, the newest version of Splunk Enterprise Security and more.

Splunk Life

Your Top Technology Driven Horror Movies This Halloween

Halloween is coming. The best way to celebrate the night of fright is by binge-watching horror movies. Matt Davies put together his recommendations of technology driven horror movies, like SOAR: The Final Chapter for a truly scary night.


Splunk Mobile Update: MDM Support for Microsoft Intune

Splunk Mobile now supports MDM provider Microsoft Intune, read more here!

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