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Research Identifies the Clear Benefits of Strong Observability

Dive into our newly released State of Observability 2021 report to discover how leaders in observability continue to outpace their competitors and have more reliable applications, better performance metrics, and increased ability to innovate.


Building Resilience Through Australia’s Critical Infrastructure

We’re proud to announce the completion of the Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) assessment, allowing Australian government agencies to leverage the assurance of the ‘protected’ status Splunk now holds.


What the Fastly Outage Can Teach Us About Observability

In this blog post, we discuss the recent Fastly outage, examine how traditional monitoring technologies would have responded to that outage, and show how adopting Digital Experience Monitoring inside your Observability practice is crucial to detecting and responding to these types of issues.


Detecting Password Spraying Attacks: Threat Research Release May 2021

The Splunk Threat Research team walks you through a new analytic story to help SOC analysts detect adversaries executing password spraying attacks, and highlights a few detections from the May 2021 releases.


Dashboard Studio: Dashboard Customization Made Easy

Learn more about Splunk Dashboard Studio, a new and intuitive dashboard-building experience, with native capabilities for customizing layout or colors, and adding images or text boxes.


The Fiscal Year 2022 President’s Budget Request – A Quick Look

Splunk's Tim Frank shares an overview of the Biden Administration's funding priorities for the coming fiscal year following the release of President Biden's first annual budget request on May 28.

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