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Why Is Customer Success So Important?

Discover why customer success is so important and how Splunk's customer success resources are driving better business outcomes for our customers.


How Does Observability Help an Organization Move the Needle?

Vice President of Cloud and Security Services for Clarify360, Jo Peterson, explores why Observability is an emerging tool that could provide differentiation between top performers and trailing performers in the marketplace.


Splunk Security Essentials 3.6.0: A Holistic View of Your Security

Check out all the new features being released in Splunk Security Essentials 3.6.0.

Tips & Tricks

Executive Lookout: Observing Observability

Get a grip on your Observability world with a 10,000ft view of usage and uptake with free Executive Dashboards from the Splunk Observability Content Contribution repository.


The Next Frontier for Observability: Data Ownership with OpenTelemetry

Owning observability telemetry data has many benefits. This article explains why OpenTelemetry is the right way to own this data instead of relying on a vendor.

Tips & Tricks

SPL With No Joins

You always join on time with Splunk - so you don't need to run explicit joins with your records.

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