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Mastering the Balance of Empathy and Innovation During COVID-19

Listen in to hear Tim talk about his leadership priorities during COVID, where he sees Splunk customers’ greatest opportunities for business and career growth and his preview of what Splunk will announce at .conf20.

Tips & Tricks

Dashboards Beta v0.6: O.M.G. Oh My Grid (Layout)

Build beautiful dashboards quickly with Grid layout, and use Saved Searches to power visualizations that you can now export.


Using Observability as a Proxy for Customer Happiness

In our instant-gratification society, user satisfaction with online transactions is crucial for our applications. Learn how Observability can be a proxy for measuring customer happiness.


Tackling Financial Crime is a Matter of Data: Fresh Thinking on an Age-Old Problem

Introducing Splunk's latest thinking on an age-old problem — fighting financial crime. Two new assets explores the current financial crime landscape and key challenges, and also outlines a six-stage framework for using Splunk to operationalize data.

Tips & Tricks

Splunk Remote Work Insights - Now Available on Mobile!

Splunk Remote Work Insights is now available in the Splunk Mobile app.


CI/CD Detection Engineering: Splunk's Attack Range, Part 2

In part 2 of our 3-part series, we walk you through how to use Splunk Security-Content, Attack Range and CircleCI to do detection development, continuous testing and deployment as a workflow in your SOC.

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