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That’s a Data Problem: A New Splunk Podcast That Brings Data Innovation to Life

Our new podcast and video series 'That’s a Data Problem' features Splunk leaders and visionaries in conversation with Futurum Research's Daniel Newman as they discuss how organizations are navigating this era of accelerating digital transformation and why data is essential for driving innovation.


Dashboard Studio Tips: What's New in 8.2.2106

You asked, we answered. The Dashboard Studio release in Splunk Cloud Platform 8.2.2106 comes with improvements requested by you: UI to add data sources to inputs, hiding the Edit or Open in Search buttons, a brand new markdown visualization, and more!

Splunk Life

Millennials Vote Splunk the Best. Again.

At Splunk, we like to think we’re pretty cool amongst millennials — and now we have an award to prove it. For the third year in a row, Fortune has selected Splunk as one of its 2021 Best Workplaces for Millennials.

.conf & SplunkLive!

How Will YOU .conf in 2021?

Check out what Splunk is offering this year for .conf21 and decide how YOU will be joining us at our annual user conference.

Splunk Life

Internship Bloopers: Confessions From Full-Time Splunkers

To celebrate National Intern Day, we rounded up confessions from full-time Splunkers of their internship mishaps, how they recovered and what advice they’d pass along to current Splunkterns.


Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop – Let’s Welcome Data Industry Icon David DeWitt

Splunk's President of Products & Technology, Shawn Bice, welcomes industry icon David DeWitt to the Splunk team. With a career spanning five decades, David’s contributions to computer science are the kinds that land him on college syllabi and in the National Academy of Engineering — but he’s nowhere near done yet.

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