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Splunk Named Leader and Outperformer in GigaOm Radar for Cloud Observability

We're honored to debut as the industry's leader and only 'outperformer' in the 2021 GigaOm Radar for Cloud Observability report, the first piece of research that’s taken such an in-depth look at this increasingly important space.


Splunk Ecosystem Fuels Smart 011111100101 (2021) Around The Globe

Over the past year while businesses around the world have adapted to an office-free environment, hybrid work schedules and health-based KPIs for access controls, our ecosystem has been leveraging Splunk to innovate on the power of those silos of data. As vaccinations increase and the healthcare industry expands its knowledge of effective treatment methods, Splunk partners are prepared to help businesses manage a new era of business normalcy, where a heightened responsibility to balance peoples’ health and safety with business resiliency will be critical to success.

Splunk Life

The Power of Essentialness

Celebrating Black History Month through the lens of an essential people.


Bringing You Context-Driven, In-Product Guidance

Splunk is providing in-product guidance right at your fingertips to help you accomplish your goals without navigating away from the product. Learn more in this blog post.


Defense Department Cybersecurity: All Ahead on Zero Trust

The Defense Department’s embrace of a Zero Trust architecture is critical to maintaining the security of its networks in a post-pandemic environment.


Splunk SOAR Playbooks: Crowdstrike Malware Triage

Splunk Phantom and Crowdstrike together allows you to have a smooth operational flow from detecting endpoint security alerts to operationalizing threat intelligence and automatically taking the first few response steps – all in a matter of seconds.

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