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2022 Predictions: Data Defines a Dynamic Future

Splunk's Vice President of Products & Technology, Shawn Bice, shares a closer look at our 2022 Predictions, bringing together a broad panel of Splunk senior leaders and technology experts to consider the trends in security, IT and emerging technologies.


Predictions 2022: Public Sector Enters New Age of Innovation

For the second year, Splunk has rolled out our annual predictions for the public sector. Read on to see why the public sector is looking stronger and more capable than ever, despite ever-escalating challenges.


Announcing the GA of Splunk APM’s AlwaysOn Profiling

Splunk APM now includes AlwaysOn Profiling for Java applications, providing app developers and service owners continuous visibility of code level performance to troubleshoot production issues faster.


Splunk For OT Security: Perimeter And Vulnerability Evolution

This blog focuses on the latest enhancements made to Splunk's OT Security Add-on, including highlighting key features and improvements that have been made in version 2.1


Dashboard Studio on the Go

Check out the latest support for Splunk Dashboard Studio on Splunk Mobile and Splunk TV.


Monitor Salesforce’s Real-Time Events with Splunk

The power of the new Splunk integration with Salesforce's Real-Time Event Monitoring (RTEM) enables customers to track security concerns such as failed logins, suspicious login-as activities and high risk permission modifications. Find out more in this blog.

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