Splunk Security Essentials Online Demo


Splunk Security Essentials (SSE) is a Splunk-developed free application to help show how to leverage Splunk security solutions for different security use cases, discover security content, and how to deploy and validate success. In this live online demo of SSE you can navigate through to see the different use cases and examples with sample data, searches and extensive documentation included in the application without a download.

See how organizations can use machine data for specific use cases and how you can get started addressing threats and security challenges. From security monitoring to detecting insiders or advanced attackers in your environment you'll see how Splunk analytics-driven security helps you leverage Splunk Enterprise and the power of Search Processing Language (SPL) and showcases many working examples.

SSE also provides a map of all Splunk security detections to six stages that represent the Splunk Security Journey and categorizes them by use cases, providing you a maturity path to get you from day one to a thousand. Improve your security, starting now.

Once you download the SSE app you can save searches to create a Notable Event or Risk Indicator in Splunk Enterprise Security (ES), an External Alarm in Splunk User Behavior Analytics (UBA), or send an email. Analysts can also detect anomalous activities, leverage best practice detections for small or large environments, even improve their GDPR stance.

Try the live demo instance before you download.

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