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Operationalizing Threat Intelligence Using Splunk Enterprise Security

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An efficient threat intelligence solution is built on the ability to take in data from multiple sources, such as firewalls, IDS/IPS systems, web and email gateways, endpoints, and more.

Data from these sources comes in multiple formats and must be collected into a single view where it can be categorized, correlated and searched. This is a massive task that’s easier said than done and for most organizations, with data volumes often rising to terabyte levels, taxes resources to their limits.

Once you have the data consolidated, it’s only useful if your team knows what they can accomplish with it – for example, how to perform custom searches, intuitive explorations and analysis in real time to detect and prevent malicious activities, achieve faster response times, strengthen security, and more.

Register for your complimentary copy of Operationalizing Threat Intelligence Using Splunk Enterprise Security to learn how:

  • To perform analysis and provide dashboard visibility to internal teams and departments
  • To set up alerts and automate breach responses
  • To support compliance and audit reporting

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