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Using Splunk with Microsoft 365

Get end-to-end visibility into the live health and performance of all your cloud-based Microsoft productivity services. 

microsoft 365 dashboard


Proactive service monitoring for Microsoft 365

Many organizations are in the process of migrating or acquiring Microsoft productivity solutions in the cloud as part of digital transformation. Microsoft provides limited visibility into the performance of these services. Splunk helps you assure all your Microsoft 365 services perform every day with proactive monitoring and predictive analytics.


Expand your perspective to ensure productivity

End-to-end Microsoft 365 service health dashboards

Splunk IT Service Intelligence glass table dashboards illustrate the live health and performance of all your Microsoft 365 services — useful for everyone from business executives to IT administrators for informed decision-making.

microsoft 365 dashboard
microsoft 365 dashboard

KPI and service-based monitoring

Easily visualize health status and drill down into each service component for all your Microsoft 365 applications. Hundreds of pre-built searches provide up-to-the-minute performance data and adaptive thresholding for each KPI. 

Microsoft 365 episode review

Get a unified view of all your service-impacting events. Quickly inspect individual episodes to perform more granular root cause analysis, such as viewing an event’s timeline or examining common fields.

microsoft 365 dashboard

Splunk Advantage

Gain full visibility of Microsoft 365 services

for it and business leaders for it and business leaders

For IT and business leaders

Pre-built dashboards help IT and business leaders take informed action.

service oriented views and kpi monitoring service oriented views and kpi monitoring

Service-oriented views and KPI monitoring

See service component health and relationships with KPI-based monitoring.

event correlation and adaptive thresholding event correlation and adaptive thresholding

Event correlation and adaptive thresholding

Prioritize and group events and dynamically adjust performance thresholds.


A unified platform for security and observability


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