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Automate and orchestrate the security operations center

Empower security teams to work smarter, boost productivity and respond faster by automating and orchestrating security operations processes.

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Alert fatigue. Slow investigations. Slow response.

SOCs are short-staffed. Analysts are drowning in security alerts — too many to fully investigate and resolve each day. And mean time to detect, investigate, triage and address threats is too slow.


Empower your SOC with automation

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Work smarter, not harder

Automate your manual security tasks to streamline your team and processes.

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From overwhelmed to in-control

Stop being reactive, and use automation to create a proactive security operations team.

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Security at machine speed

Threats move fast. Move faster with automated investigation and response.

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From 30 minutes to 30 seconds

Address threats in seconds — not minutes or hours. Lower your mean time to respond (MTTR) to threats using playbooks that automate security tasks across a multitude of tools at machine speed.

Work that used to take 30 minutes manually now takes only 30 seconds with automation in Splunk SOAR.

Tibor Földesi, Security Analyst, Norlys

Eliminate grunt work

Work more effectively. With Splunk SOAR, automate repetitive security tasks to increase analyst productivity and efficiency, save time and free up your team to focus on the tasks that matter most for your organization.

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Force multiply your team

Orchestrate and automate repetitive tasks, investigation and response so your security team can maximize efficiency and productivity and do more with the people you already have. Make a team of three feel like a team of 10.

With Splunk SOAR, we achieved the equivalent workload of 10 full-time employees, completed by just a small team of analysts, within the first 6 months of the year.

Jason Mihalow, Senior Cloud Cyber Security Architect, McGraw Hill
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A unified security operations platform

Splunk is unique in our ability to help organizations turn data into outcomes. Why? Only Splunk provides the combination of:

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Advanced threat detection

Stop advanced threats to prevent breaches and protect your business.

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Incident investigation and forensics

Detect, investigate and respond to incidents at machine speed.

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Insider threat detection

Observe anomalous behavior and minimize risk.

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Automate actions across your IT and security tools

Splunk SOAR apps are the integration points between Splunk SOAR and your other security technologies. Through apps, Splunk SOAR directs your other security tools to perform actions, such as direct VirusTotal to check file reputation or Cisco Firewall to block an IP. Splunk SOAR’s app model supports over 350 tools and over 2,400 different actions.

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Work smarter. Increase efficiency and productivity. Investigate and respond in seconds.