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Earn while you learn! Get points for Splunk swag. Earn while you learn! Get points for Splunk swag.


Get the expertise you need to work smarter

Whether you’re an analytics champion, security pro or Splunk instance administrator, find courses that can help make your job easier.


Find the learning path for your responsibilities

Improve your search skills to better support your organization. This path will help you navigate complex searching, forensics and analytics needs within the Splunk platform. Increase your search efficiencies, perform correlations, create visualizations and use subsearches and lookups to dig deeper and inform your dashboards.

Expand your ability to interpret, classify and enrich data using Splunk. Learn how to create and manage knowledge objects, including lookups, data models and various types of fields. Build dashboards that accelerate access to insights and enable filtering for more granular views.

Expand your data science options by learning the Splunk platform. Find the information and insights you need more efficiently. Write optimized searches to get more out of your data. Understand how machine learning, transaction analysis and prediction can expand what you can do. Build and use knowledge objects like data models and lookups.

Better manage your Splunk cloud with more knowledge and hands-on training. Improve how you manage data inputs and configurations for optimal performance.

Make the most of your Splunk instance with deeper expertise. From concepts and tasks to best practices, this learning path will help you install, configure and manage your deployment with confidence. You’ll learn to onboard different types of data and get the most from your investment.

Broaden your understanding of the Splunk platform and explore concepts and best practices for sizing, scaling and deploying Splunk software across your organization based on users, data ingest and search load.

Harness the power of Splunk’s Web Framework to create rich, interactive dashboards and forms, and package Splunk knowledge objects for distribution across your organization.

Get ready to use Splunk Enterprise Security and Splunk Mission Control to improve your incident response. You’ll learn how to identify and track incidents, analyze security risks, use predictive analytics and discover threats with Splunk.

Deepen your awareness of your security posture. Align security operations to industry frameworks. Use pre-built detection and investigation content. Install and configure tools, manage event processing and normalization, analyze deployment requirements and dashboard dependencies. Utilize technology add-ons, build data models, manage risk and customize your threat intelligence to scale your SecOps.

Triage security incidents faster with automated detection, investigation and response. Increase productivity, efficiency and accuracy, and strengthen defenses by connecting and coordinating complex workflows across your team and tools. Automate repetitive tasks. Use Splunk SOAR for event and case management, integrated threat intelligence, collaboration tools and reporting.

Understand the complexities of SOAR playbooks from planning through debugging and automation. Minimize security incident response time and develop advanced techniques to identify vulnerabilities and stop them before they start. Integrate with Splunk and tailor your SOAR solution with custom coding and REST API usage.

Build dynamic, custom views across business services, KPIs and entities. Correlate services to underlying infrastructure. Utilize content packs and alert templates. Drill down to code level and identify root cause from service monitoring dashboards. Streamline incident management, protect service performance and predict future incidents with machine learning, adaptive thresholding and anomaly detection.

Set your team up for greater success with a deeper understanding of what Splunk can do. Learn how to install, configure and manage Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) on Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud.

Use observability to your full advantage to ensure your apps, solutions and sites are performing well. From infrastructure and application performance monitoring to understanding user interactions and addressing on-call needs, Splunk can help you every step of the way.


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