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Prevent Outages

Shift to proactive response and start addressing potential issues and preventing outages before they occur.

ITSI Predicting service health scores


Reactive response to incidents is inefficient and expensive

It’s hard to know who to contact and how to resolve issues when teams and tools are siloed. This reactive response results in increased cost, duplicated efforts and frustrated teams. 


Prevent outages before they occur

Detect more accurately Detect more accurately

Detect more accurately

Adaptive thresholding and anomaly detection help reduce false positives and proactively address issues.

Proactively take action Proactively take action

Proactively take action

Get ahead of alert storms with early warning signs and prescriptive guidance right out of the box.

Prevent issues in advance Prevent issues in advance

Prevent issues in advance

Predict service health up to 30 minutes in advance and prevent outages before they occur.

Preview aggregate thresholds and apply adaptive thresholding

More accurate alerting and anomaly detection

Static baselines can cause false positive alerts when normal changes occur. Adaptive thresholding in Splunk ITSI uses ML to find patterns in historical data and sets tailored thresholds to proactively prevent false positives and reduce alert fatigue.

View of the content pack for monitoring and alerting in Splunk ITSI

Isolate and triage in advance

Out of the box, the Splunk ITSI Content Pack for Monitoring and Alerting gives early warning that alert storms are coming, so teams have time to proactively take action and quickly isolate and triage the incident.

Predict and prevent outages with AI

Intelligently group and prioritize alerts by severity of impact to your organization. Forecast service performance up to 30 minutes in advance and give your teams extra time to prevent issues before they occur. 

Gif of Predictive Analytics in Splunk ITSI

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Learn more about IT Service Intelligence

When ITOps teams operate in isolation, they lack visibility into each other's activities and rely on reactively responding to issues out of necessity. The struggle to understand what’s happening only becomes harder as the data from multiple monitoring tools, underlying infrastructure, third-party applications and critical business services continues to increase. As a result, siloed teams become burnt out by inefficient processes and are too busy reacting to problems instead of proactively fixing issues before they cause more problems. This is why ITOps teams need to consider proactive approaches to incident response and prevent outages before they occur. 

With growing complexity and increasing amounts of data, ITOps teams are struggling with alert fatigue, lack understanding of business service performance and prolonged unplanned downtime. Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) helps reduce alert noise, improve understanding of how IT metrics impact business services and KPIs, as well as proactively prevent incidents and minimize unplanned downtime.

Splunk ITSI is a premium product built for Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud. ITSI provides real-time and predictive performance dashboards to monitor service health and integrates with IT service management (ITSM) and orchestration tools like Splunk On-Call and Splunk automation technology, so teams can monitor, detect, respond and resolve incidents all from one place.

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