Cultivate skills for jobs that are in high demand. As part of the $100 million Splunk Pledge, Splunk has committed to supporting efforts to train the workforce of tomorrow, equipping you with the Splunk skills to position you for the opportunities of today. Our SplunkWork+ community includes nonprofit workforce training programs and organizations from around the world. 

Splunk will provide free software, standard support, and complimentary access to Splunk eLearning for all Workforce Training Partners. Through our SplunkWork+ community, Splunk will provide a co-branded registration page and complimentary access to Splunk eLearning for all program participants.

To qualify, your organization must meet the following criteria

  • Be a US-based 501c3 or 501c19 nonprofit organization OR a certified international charity
  • Provide a use case and impact plan - how will you use Splunk in your training program? Who are the program participants?
  • Provide all program participants with a unique email address for your program to verify program eligibility.    

Splunk Pledge commits to donate a minimum of $100 million over a 10-year period in software licenses, training, support, education and volunteerism to nonprofit organizations and educational institutions to support academic research and generate social impact. 

If you don't qualify for our Splunk4Good program you can still download and install Splunk software for free and start analyzing data in minutes. We also offer special discounts for certain nonprofit organizations.


All fields are required unless noted. This form must be completed by an official of the orgnanization. Terms are binding. You MUST enter a valid physical mailing address to be a viable applicant for the Splunk Pledge.

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