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Splunk Observability Cloud

How Industry Leaders Conquer Complexity

From taking on dramatic web traffic spikes on Black Friday to managing platforms of over 1,000 microservices, these organizations teamed up with Splunk to accelerate feature releases, troubleshoot issues faster and deliver powerful customer experiences.

By channeling data from disparate sources into centralized, user-friendly interfaces, Splunk Observability Cloud helps IT and DevOps teams better understand and derive actionable insights from their complex backend systems to meet business goals.

Observability Customers Hero Observability Customers Hero


faster issue resolution


feature releases

Refactoring Monoliths Into Microservices

Millions of families and caregivers around the world trust To ensure the utmost reliability, the world’s leading family care provider needed to break apart 13-year-old monoliths into agile microservices and manage them all at once. Splunk was the missing piece of the puzzle, offering a full-fidelity observability solution that — in one place — visualizes 100% of the company’s data.

Splunk Observability Cloud saves countless hours and resources on gathering and correlating data from its microservices, leading to accelerated troubleshooting and faster load times.


Frictionless E-Commerce Experience, Check

Picture this: It’s Black Friday 2020, and Lenovo is offering a doorbuster deal on computer products. Sales and web traffic are spiking dramatically. With Splunk Observability Cloud in its toolkit, Lenovo delivered a flawless shopping experience — with zero hiccups and 100% uptime.

Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring and Splunk Application Performance Monitoring help Lenovo stay ahead of potential threats, troubleshoot faster and accelerate its cloud migration initiative.

Lenovo Lenovo

~5 mins

MTTR, compared to ~30 mins previously


uptime despite 300% increase in online traffic

Quantum Metric Quantum Metric




 faster application development


fewer pending CI jobs

Quantum Metric

Meeting Customer Needs With Speed

Quantum Metric has a need for speed when it comes to helping companies deliver digital products they’ll love. Their solution, Continuous Product Design (CPD), unlocks real-time customer insights to ensure swift and successful digital transformations. Following an influx of customers, the 2021 unicorn needed a flexible observability solution that could deliver actionable insights, faster, for a better customer experience.

From synthetic monitoring to application performance monitoring, Quantum Metric uses Splunk Observability Cloud to gain full-stack visibility into their increasingly complex environment.


Latin America’s "Everything Store" Delivers With Care

Rappi, the largest technology startup in Latin America, delivers everything — plus a top-notch customer experience. But as their platform of over 1,000 microservices grew, Rappi needed help pinpointing issues before they reached users. With Splunk, the Bogota-based delivery app gained control over its complex infrastructure.

Within a single Splunk dashboard, Rappi has visibility across its entire platform, enabling faster troubleshooting and a reliable customer experience.

Rappi Rappi


faster MTTR


growth managed seamlessly with Splunk

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