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Cloud migration use case tour

This series of demos shows how the Splunk Observability solution helps SREs and CloudOps teams understand the behavior of their hybrid/multi-cloud environment when migrating workloads.  Automatically monitor and troubleshoot infrastructure and services at scale and start monitoring in minutes.

Migrating to the cloud involves thousands of changes, and as businesses seek to validate these changes, the resulting volume, velocity and variety of data types makes it humanly impossible to manage. 

Splunk Observability’s patented streaming architecture takes in all data at scale from any source to concurrently process metrics data to a resolution as fine as one second to detect any anomalous behaviors. Accurately detect anomalies out of the box, get alerts in seconds, and resolve issues fast with AI-driven analytics that direct troubleshooting. 

Built-in AI also correlates and analyzes all the data enabling SREs and CloudOps engineers to proactively detect, alert and resolve problems before they impact the business.

In this series of demos, you’ll learn how Splunk Observability can help you:

  • Visualize on-prem/cloud dependencies.
  • Set up integrated alerts with error handling.
  • Analyze reliability and performance fails.
  • Predict costs and use with enterprise controls.
  • Troubleshoot at scale with help from AI/ML. Perform root-cause analysis and get in-context debugging with our extensible platform.

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