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shared header v2
Lucid Search Bar Implementation
Push Down Banner V1 Analytics Patch, remove after implementing V2 (S9 or S10)
Global nav V2 patch, remove after adding the mobile languages fix in the codebase (S7 or S8)
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Cloud-Native Infrastructure Monitoring at Scale

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Real-Time Observability for Data from Any Cloud, Any Vendor & Any Service.


instant visualization

Instant Visualization. 200+ integrations and and OOB dashboards help you autodiscover and explore systems and services in seconds.

reduce mttr

Reduce MTTR. Built in data-science gives you real-time actionable alerts across dynamic thresholds, multiple conditions, and complex rules.

scale at speed

Scale at Speed. Save cash and get DevOps agile with cloud-native technology that optimizes performance and cost of serverless applications.

These productivity gains save us at least 138 hours per month, or close to that of a full-time employee. We estimate that the value of the time saved across teams at Acquia is roughly $1 million annually.

Aaron Pacheco, Product Manager, Product Delivery Infrastructure

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