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Splunk Security Solutions Pricing

Simple and predictable pricing for security professionals

Modernize your security operations with a best-in-class data platform, advanced analytics and automated response.

Select the exact capability set to address your particular use case

Splunk Enterprise Security

Analytics-driven SIEM

Available Pricing Plans:
Workload Pricing
Ingest Pricing

  • Monitor, detect and respond to complex threats
  • Conduct comprehensive investigations
  • Mission-critical performance, scale and reliability
  • Cloud and on-premises options available
  • Standard support included. Premium support available

Splunk User Behavior Analytics

Leverage machine learning

Available Pricing Plans:
Per monitored account pricing
Ingest Pricing

  • Premium security solution for larger organizations
  • Pricing based on the number of User Behavior Analytics monitored accounts
  • Detect advanced threats, insider threats and external attacks
  • Augment investigation and response using Splunk Enterprise Security
  • Includes Splunk UBA Content Updates
  • Standard support included. Premium support available

Splunk SOAR

Security orchestration, automation, and response

Available Pricing Plans:
Per user pricing

  • Orchestrate a response plan across your infrastructure efficiently
  • Automate triage and context enrichment activities
  • Respond faster and with better precision
  • Premium security solution for any-sized organization
  • Pricing based on number of user seats (the number of security analysts that use the technology)
  • Standard support included. Premium support available

Ways to Buy

Find the best way to purchase Splunk for your needs

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