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Tool Consolidation

Bring together your teams and tools

Your digital systems may be complex, but your tooling doesn’t have to be.

Tactics for Strategic Tooling


of SOC teams struggle to pivot between security tools.


of observability managers say tools will unite under one umbrella.


of CISOs agree they need to consolidate their tools.

Tools by the numbers

Facing the challenges of tool sprawl

Organizations go to great lengths to keep their digital systems securely up and running. However, the unintended byproduct is a growing mountain of security and observability tools. Left unchecked, tool sprawl leads to unwanted complexity, poor customer experiences, and new challenges, such as:

  • Lack of visibility: Disparate tools used to monitor applications, infrastructure, and to secure environments create an incomplete view of data and alert fatigue.
  • Increased costs: More tooling means higher costs and extra resources to manage and integrate them, and processing the same data multiple times across tools.
  • Loss of productivity: As teams switch between multiple tools, they lose valuable context and time as they investigate and respond to a flood of alerts.

Take a platform approach with Splunk.

Keep your business resilient and drive operational efficiency by standardizing and consolidating your tools with Splunk. Doing so can improve detection, investigation, and response across hybrid, multicloud, and edge environments.

Optimize investments:

Spend less time and resources integrating, managing, and maintaining point solutions while streamlining your data and workflows, and eliminating overlapping tools.

Gradient Leaves growing out of a dataset

Increase visibility:

Improve your risk posture by correlating disparate data sources. Splunk’s source-agnostic platform gives teams a unified view of data across security and observability.

Gradient Leaves growing out of a dataset

Accelerate MTTx:

Reduce downtime and minimize the impact of outages and cybersecurity incidents with Splunk’s unified console and streamlined workflows.

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Rent the Runway has full visibility across its multi-cloud landscape in a single console.

Our site is more resilient since using Splunk.

Stephanus Meiring VP of Engineering, Rent the Runway
increased developer efficiency during incidents.
faster MTTD for SLA-impacting incidents.

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