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Financial Services Top 4 Cybersecurity Threats

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In 2023, 94% of financial services CISOs were concerned about their personal liability for cybersecurity incidents—more than any other industry surveyed. The SEC continues to pressure CISOs to act responsibly. To ease their anxieties, CISOs are focusing on preventing the threats that matter most. But where’s the right place to start?

Learn more about the top four threats Splunk has identified to financial services:

  • Account takeovers can come from anywhere, including third-party vendors, employees, remote workers, and contractors.
  • Business email compromise where cybercrime syndicates are after one thing: money. And lots of it.
  • Insider threats that are fueled by personal motives such as revenge or greed.
  • Social engineering attacks that use mistakes made by legitimate users to gain access to customer accounts.

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