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Application modernization use case tour

This series of demos shows how Splunk Observability can help engineers understand how deployments impact business services, troubleshoot production environments faster and optimize customer experience.

Organizations are having to re-architect applications from monoliths to microservices and use cloud-native technologies to deploy features to end users faster than ever. Splunk Observability provides SREs and development teams with end-to-end visibility of their production environment, including metrics, logs and traces, to understand and scope issues. They can also rely on AIOps to reduce noise and false alerts, and take advantage of AI-directed troubleshooting to guide engineers to the issues impacting business services and end users the most. 

In this series of demos, you’ll see how Splunk Observability can help you to:

  • Measure the impact of new code/deployments.
  • Pinpoint issues causing slow page loads.
  • Test and visualize how code impacts customers.
  • Use OpenTelemetry-based instrumentation for standardized data.
  • Roll out apps faster.

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