Case Study

Cloudreach Accelerates Digital Transformation Across its Customer Base with Cloud Monitoring from SignalFx

Executive Summary

Cloudreach, a global cloud software and services provider, manages and operates the cloud environments for hundreds of global brands through a combination of software, services and third-party applications. After a competitive review, Cloudreach chose to standardize on SignalFx’s Infrastructure Monitoring and Microservices APM™ solutions.

With SignalFx, Cloudreach is able to:

  • Know and take action on exactly what is happening in real-time across its clients’ infrastructure and applications layers
  • Accelerate digital transformation across its customer base through observability
    • Previous monitoring tool only covered infrastructure, not application or business metrics, resulting in a fractured view of clients’ environments
    • Long sample rates didn’t provide an accurate view into performance
    • Limited ability to tune alerts
    • No visibility into traces
Business Impact
    • Centralized dashboarding and fast visualization provide a holistic view across clients’ environments
    • Real-time and combined view of infrastructure, application and business metrics speeds mean time to resolution (MTTR)
    • Support for cloud-native data sources, open source and custom metrics enables clients to use the latest technology
Data Sources
    • Clients’ environments across infrastructure providers: AWS, Azure, GCP