Splunk & Amazon Web Services

Watch Splunk CEO, Doug Merritt, and AWS CEO, Andy Jassy discuss how Splunk and AWS work together to drive customer success in the cloud. Learn more about Splunk and AWS solutions.


Video Transcript


Hi, I'm Andy Jassy, and I manage AWS. And it is my pleasure to be here with Doug, who's the CEO of Splunk. And Splunk is a very important partner and strategic partner for AWS, and we're excited about what we're doing together. Our partnership with Splunk is incredibly important for our customers.

And one of the things that I appreciate about Splunk is that they didn't try and defend the old guard model when the cloud was evolving. They saw what their customers wanted, and they moved quickly to adopt the cloud to make that a reality. And their customer obsession is one of the many reasons we really enjoy partnering with them.

Well, thank you Andy. One of the things that we love about AWS and Amazon is how customer passionate obsessed you guys are as well.

It's been really interesting to watch how the cloud has evolved over the last several years. And there's been very rapid cloud adoption, and yet, there have been many naysayers who've argued the enterprise will never meaningfully use the cloud. And where we've evolved to is that the cloud has become the new normal, and companies of all sizes are deploying new applications by default to the cloud and moving as many of their existing applications as quickly as possible to the cloud.

And the question has stopped becoming if and really become when, and how fast, and in what sequence these workloads are moving to the cloud. And in every imaginable vertical business segment, enterprises are using the cloud in a meaningful way. Whether it's financial services, or health care, or manufacturing, or consumer packaged goods, or media, or technology-- they're all using the cloud.

And they're choosing AWS for a few reasons. First, we have a lot more functionality than any other infrastructure provider by a large amount. Second, we have much more maturity in our platform because we've been operating for over 10 years. And third, and as importantly as any of them, we have much more vibrant ecosystem of partners that are building around the AWS cloud. And Splunk is front and center there. It's really interesting if you look at how enterprises are migrating very large amounts of workloads to AWS, what they really love is they really love having that agility of AWS but having the end-to-end visibility that spawn provides them on top of AWS.

Yeah, Splunk and AWS are working closely together in so many different ways, Andy. Our product teams work together on integrations that help customers ensure security and compliance of applications that run on AWS. We help ensure applications up time and performance in AWS. And we help them manage AWS costs in real time.

We do this because you guys provide such great services from AWS, such as cloud trail, AWS config, AWS VPC flow logs, and AWS billing. Our go to market teams are working together to highlight how joint customers, such as Adobe, Autodesk, and FINRA gain end-to-end visibility across their entire AWS environment using Splunk. Autodesk is one of the examples. It's one of our joint customers who's able to instrument their usage of the cloud by centralizing all of their data in Splunk and leveraging cloud trail and config. Now they can see super, super easily what's been created when and how quickly.

Well, AWS and Splunk have joined customers all over the world in every imaginable company size and every imaginable vertical business segment. And one of the things I really like that you guys have done, which is different from some of our other partners, is you didn't trying and pick one area that we integrated together. You really integrated end-to-end with AWS. So our joint customers have that very powerful end-to-end visibility.

Yeah, and not only does Splunk work with AWS to deliver end-to-end visibility for our customers, but they're also the heart of our cloud strategy. All of our cloud services are built on AWS. And we operate Splunk cloud for more than 10% of your AWS global regions, including Gov Cloud. The federal government is running to the cloud just like every other industry that you talked about.

Well, the opportunity is really exciting Doug. And I think that even though we have done a lot together for our customers at this point, I think we would both agree that it's very early days in this transformation. This is the largest technology shift in our lifetimes. And so we're really at the beginning stages of the meat of enterprise adoption, so there's incredible opportunities for us to partner together and most importantly great opportunities we're going to provide our joint customers to take advantage of this transformation.