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OpenTelemetry and Splunk

Capture, generate and export telemetry data into observability tools for comprehensive software performance and behavior analysis.

open telemetry

What it is

OpenTelemetry is a collection of tools, APIs and software development kits (SDKs). Use it to instrument, generate, collect and export telemetry data (metrics, logs and traces) to help you analyze your software’s performance and behavior. 

Why it matters

Democratizing data gives you the power to choose the platform with the most insight and value. With end-to-end structure, status and application performance visibility, you can highlight the root causes of errors or identify performance issues enterprise-wide.

Where it's going

The OpenTelemetry community is growing. As a joint project between Splunk, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and many other organizations, it currently has the second-largest number of contributors in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation after Kubernetes.


opentelemetry marchitecture

Built-in standard for observability

From distribution of the OpenTelemetry Collector, OpenTelemetry Java, Node.JS, .NET and Python client libraries, and instrumentation packages or SDKs from hundreds of commonly used frameworks, Splunk supports automatic trace instrumentation and configuration to make it easy to get started. Plus, you can customize what's included by building from the community source.

Powering end-to-end observability

View the status, interactions, dashboards and logs from all of your infrastructure in Splunk Observability Cloud or other observability tools. You can use OpenTelemetry to capture traces, metrics and logs from OpenTelemetry SDKs on the same host or over the networks, or from hundreds of sources, including databases, network proxies, Prometheus and Jaeger and more.

Improve performance Improve performance

Improve performance

Maintain vendor neutrality and optimize performance of revenue-generating applications by addressing failure conditions.

Centralize your data Centralize your data

Centralize your data

Capture data from all sources with a single agent using the OpenTelemetry Collector — without sacrificing choice. Use open standards and easy instrumentation.

Integrate with ease Integrate with ease

Integrate with ease

Use an array of languages, frameworks and libraries to manage all your integrations.

Troubleshoot faster Troubleshoot faster

Troubleshoot faster

Tackle performance issues quickly and reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) with context-aware workflows powered by metrics, traces and logs.

Splunk makes it easy to get started with OpenTelemetry

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Splunk Advantage

Splunk Observability is built on open standards

easy to get started easy to get started

Easy to get started

Unlike other vendors that “support OpenTelemetry” but still encourage you to use their proprietary agents, we are OpenTelemetry-native. We have built Splunk Observability on top of OpenTelemetry, so no matter your instrumentation or data collection agent, you can pull in your data with ease. 

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Splunk distribution of OpenTelemetry Collector Splunk distribution of OpenTelemetry Collector

Splunk distribution of OpenTelemetry Collector

The Splunk OpenTelemetry Collector Distribution supports automatic (no code modification) trace instrumentation and comes with default configuration and out-of-the-box support for Splunk Application Performance Monitoring and Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring — making it easier than ever to get started. 

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Top contributor to the OpenTelemetry project Top contributor to the OpenTelemetry project

Top contributor to the OpenTelemetry project

Splunk is committed to the advancement of the OpenTelemetry project. We have a team of 20+ engineers on a dedicated OpenTelemetry team that has made over 100,000 contributions and counting. Get involved in the conversation on the CNCF Slack or join a special interest group.

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CUSTOMER STORY Refactors Monoliths Into Microservices With Splunk Observability

We could bake OpenTelemetry into our architecture from day one because we have Splunk, who is the number-one contributor to OpenTelemetry and way ahead of the curve on this.

Sean Schade, Principal Architect,


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