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Splunk Partners

NTT Ltd.

Securing Your Business With Analytics-Driven Security

As companies enter the Data Age, leveraging data-driven insights is critical to getting the most out of investments and minimizing business risk. NTT Ltd. and Splunk Inc., have partnered to bring intelligence-driven solutions to clients by combining NTT’s secure by design approach and deep expertise across networks, data centers, cloud, the workplace, CX and business solutions with Splunk. We can help you:

  • See where you have security gaps to ensure security is built-in, rather than bolted on to your digital programs, saving you effort, time and money.
  • Leverage real-time, actionable insights across your digital business to enact positive change and enable business growth.
  • Understand, identify and remediate priority issues, incidents and events, and dynamically adjust your security posture to minimize risk.
  • Maximize existing technology investments and resources in-house.
  • Align to governance and compliance requirements, and demonstrate adherence.

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Security Operations Center as a Service

Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS) integrates best-of-breed products with proven processes and highly-skilled staff, increasing visibility into the network, speeding up alert response and resolution times, and providing proactive risk modeling and risk mitigation.

  • Blends log monitoring and advanced network forensics with live business data to produce intelligence about today’s vulnerabilities and tomorrow’s threats
  • Improves an organization’s risk modeling and management capabilities, based on a clear understanding of the internal and external threat landscape

Globally Recognized and High Performing Partnership

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As NTT expands our security services portfolio including optimization of clients’ investment in Big Data platforms for security incident and event management, Splunk is a critical partner. Our Security Operations Center as a Service (SOC as a Service) offer has built traction in the marketplace, closely aligned with Splunk’s leading-edge technology, and adding our advanced threat detection and response capability from our SOC analysts. As our clients navigate the new normal of a hybrid, distributed workforce with constantly changing threats against infrastructure, applications, operations technology, and supply chains, they are looking for partners who can offer a Secure by Design approach that builds in security from the start. NTT is pleased to continue growing our partnership with Splunk in meeting this demand.

Kazu Yozawa, CEO for the Security division at NTT Ltd.

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