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IT modernization use case tour

This series of demos shows how Splunk Observability can help IT teams modernize by achieving better-directed troubleshooting, end-to-end visibility and more.

Splunk Observability helps IT teams modernize and support their digital business with end-to-end visibility, service-driven monitoring, predictive analytics and guided incident remediation. Because Splunk Observability is data agnostic, IT teams can use their existing tools and easily integrate them into Splunk.
The result is that IT and business teams can evolve to spot issues before they impact services and users, reduce alert noise by over 90%, reduce mean time to acknowledge and respond by over 80%, and do it all with the help of machine learning and intelligent automation.
In this series of demos, you’ll learn how to:
  • Reduce alert noise with automated event correlation that uses machine learning policies to cluster similar events and trigger one notable alert.
  • Prioritize and respond to issues by severity of impact to the organization with directed incident management views that provide service and KPI context.

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