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Data Modeling: An Introduction

With all the data we have today, data modeling has become a super important way to understanding that data. Learn about modeling data here.
Learn 4 Min Read

Computer Forensics: Everything You Need To Know

Computer forensics is the backbone of digital investigation. Learn how its various steps, types, and challenges make it a tough nut to crack.
Learn 6 Min Read

What Is Load Balancing?

Load Balancing is the process of distributing network traffic among available servers, with the objective of optimizing certain network operations.
Learn 5 Min Read

What Are Data Centers?

A data center (DC) is a physical location that stores & deploys organizational computing power, critical data, network hardware, and more.
Learn 11 Min Read

What Is Synthetic Monitoring?

The goal of synthetic monitoring: Understand how a real user might experience your website. Let's go deep to see the great things synthetic monitoring can do.
Learn 6 Min Read

What’s ARP? Address Resolution Protocol Explained

The Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is a fundamental network communication protocol used within LANs. Get the full story here.
Learn 5 Min Read

Nominal vs. Ordinal Data: What’s The Difference?

Two common types are nominal data and ordinal data, which group information into categories based on qualitative attributes. Learn more here.
Learn 6 Min Read

What Is Service Continuity Management?

Service continuity management helps your organization to respond to disruption and ensure the availability and performance of services are maintained.
Learn 9 Min Read

What Is Vulnerability Management?

Read about how a strong vulnerability management program gives companies the capacity to easily detect vulnerabilities early before they become real threats.
Learn 6 Min Read

Shadow IT & How To Manage It Today

Shadow IT exists for a few reasons: is one side more right? Is there a middle ground? Get the full story from IT expert Joseph Nduhiu in this article.
Learn 4 Min Read

Uncomplicate SLOs to Deliver Digitally Resilient Systems and Better Customer Experiences

With the launch of a built-in Service Level Objective (SLO) management experience in Splunk Observability Cloud, users get an intuitive experience for SLO creation with insight into the service's current performance.
Learn 5 Min Read

Splunk Product Reviews & Ratings - Enterprise, Cloud & ES

Splunk delivers AI-powered solutions for digital resilience. Explore Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Cloud, and Splunk Enterprise Security for advanced analytics and cybersecurity.
Learn 3 Min Read

Black Hat & Def Con 2024

This blog post covers the basics of what you need to know about both Black Hat USA and Def Con.
Learn 4 Min Read

Splunk Tutorial: Getting Started Using Splunk

Whether you are new to Splunk or just needing a refresh, this post can guide you to some of the best resources on the web for using Splunk.
Learn 7 Min Read

What is Cyber Threat Intelligence?

Get a full introduction to Cyber Threat Intelligence. CTI is the best way for organizations to mitigate the risks of new cyber threats in the future.
Learn 1 Min Read

What is Attack Surface Management?

Attack surfaces can change practically daily. Attack surface management is a must-have cybersecurity strategy to identify — and promptly eliminate — vulnerabilities.
Learn 4 Min Read

AI Tools & Vendors for The Enterprise

Looking for AI tools for the enterprise? Read on for the full story about AI and software for business use cases.
Learn 5 Min Read

What Are Feedback Loops?

Today, feedback loops are commonplace in IT, business, and plenty of other domains, too. But what exactly are they meant to do — and how do they work?
Learn 9 Min Read

What is Malware Detection?

Detecting malware isn't easy: there's so many types, so many places to look. Learn the best techniques to use today.
Learn 4 Min Read

Error, Defects, Bugs & Incidents: What’s the Difference?

Really know the differences in 4 common IT terms: bugs, defects, errors & incidents. Better yet? Learn the best ways to reduce them.
Learn 7 Min Read

Synthetic Data: Everything You Need to Know

Synthetic data is one approach to data-driven technologies, like ML and AI, that can help solve current problems and enable more innovation. Learn more here.