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The Double Diamond Design Process

The Double Diamond is a design thinking framework that designers of all types use regularly. Get the full story on it here.
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Product Manager Role Explained: Responsibilities, Skills, and Salaries

Discover the key role of product managers in successful product development. Learn about their responsibilities, essential skills, and expected salary.
Learn 1 Min Read

What Is Zero Touch In IT?

With a goal of zero human intervention, Zero Touch is the automation of resource provisioning, device management, and a whole range of ITOps processes.
Learn 5 Min Read

Data Orchestration Explained

Orchestrate your data to maximize its value. The primary goal of data orchestration is to organize complex data to make it readily accessible.
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MITRE D3FEND is a security framework that complements MITRE ATT&CK framework by focusing on defensive cybersecurity techniques. Get the full story here.
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AI Frameworks: Top Types To Adopt in 2024

Whether complex neural networks or a simple ML, AI frameworks are the foundation. See the most common, and the ones you need to adopt today.
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Failure Metrics & KPIs for IT Systems

Failure metrics: a terrible name for a set of very useful metrics. If you're involved in uptime & reliability for IT systems, then read on to learn all about MTTR, MTBF, failure rates and more!
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IT/ITIL® Event Management

Learn how to succeed with IT event management. Which events are important, and the rest of just noise? Get the full story here.
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What Are Cron Jobs?

Cron jobs are unattended programs that schedule tasks automatically on computer servers, ensuring that important, routine digital chores get done.
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What Is Federated Analytics?

Federated analytics is the approach for data analysis that happens locally on devices, instead of moving data to a central location. Learn more here.
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The Environmental Impact of AI

Today, AI is everywhere — and it’s powerful. But what powers artificial intelligence? Natural resources like water and electricity. Get the full picture here.
Learn 4 Min Read

Low Code vs. No Code: What’s The Difference?

When it comes to coding and software/app development, two related trends appeal to certain business users: low code and no code programming platforms.
Learn 10 Min Read

What is a Data Engineer?

Whether managing, cleaning, or structuring data — data engineers are an incredibly important role in tech. Dive into their responsibilities and business impacts here
Learn 3 Min Read

AI Ethics in Business & Organizations

When AI and business meet, good things can happen — but we should consider the negative side, too. Read on to see how to adopt AT ethically and sustainably.
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The Very Best Cybersecurity Podcasts

Discover the top cybersecurity podcasts today, offering gripping stories, practical insights, and breaking news. Tune in and stay informed.
Learn 6 Min Read

What Is Cybersecurity Awareness Month?

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is an annual initiative observed every October. Get the full details for October 2024.
Learn 6 Min Read

What Is Syslog?

Learn what Syslog is and how it can help you identify and troubleshoot problems as an IT professional.
Learn 9 Min Read

Brute Force Attacks: Techniques, Types & Prevention

Yes, brute force attacks remain a major threat in 2023. Get the latest on brute force attacks: types, trends, business impacts & how to prevent them.
Learn 8 Min Read

What is AIOps? AIOps Explained

In this blog post, we'll take a look at AIOps and how it is transforming IT Operations functions in the Enterprise.
Learn 4 Min Read

What Is FIDO2?

Get all the details on FIDO2, the latest authentication technology that many organizations around the world are adopting.
Learn 3 Min Read

What Is Intelligent Automation?

Intelligent automation is smarter than more traditional forms of IT automation. Take a look at what intelligent automation can do for you today.