The OSI Model in 7 Layers: How It’s Used Today

The OSI Model is not old news...In fact, it's still in use across the entire internet today! Read on to see exactly how these 7 layers work.


What Is SecOps? Security Operations Defined in 2023

Security Operations, or SecOps, covers practically every aspect of security & IT operations. Get the latest on what SecOps means today, all right here.


Indicators of Compromise (IoCs): What Are They and How Do They Strengthen Cyber Defense?

Are Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) key to effective cyber defense? Learn about their types, significance, and limitations in optimizing your security approach.


What Are IOAs? Indicators of Attack Explained

The best tool in combatting cyberattacks is often analyzing cyberattacks themselves. Learn how we can leverage indicators of attack to bolster security.


Superapps: What They Are and How They Work

Approving and adopting new enterprise software is hard — superapps simplify the process by putting everything in one box, an ecosystem of tools in one interface


Homomorphic Encryption: How It Works & The 3 Types (PHE, SHE, FHE)

Homomorphic encryption is a new way to protect data. Learn how homomorphic encryption reduces certain problems inherent in traditional decryption.

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