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Tech moves fast —the world depends on it.

The pressure is on for tech innovators to maintain availability 24/7. Modernize security and observability to protect customer trust.

Always-on digital resilience for what’s next in tech

Real outcomes for software and technology companies 

30 seconds
to resolve issues — down from weeks
Square Enix
400% faster
log management
99% decrease
in incident response workload

Accelerate threat detection, investigation and response

With more customer and proprietary data, there’s more to secure.

Stay one step ahead of security breaches, pervasive fraud and emerging threats that can impact your digital infrastructure.



Provide resilient, highly available technology

Uptime is critical — and harder to maintain. Customers prioritize technologies they can trust to stay up and running.

Pinpoint the source of problems and remediate them quickly to ensure digital system availability and maintain user trust.

provide resilient highly available technology

Deliver efficient and reliable user experiences

User experience is a top competitive driver. As companies invest in technologies, user expectations are growing.

Provide optimal experiences with lower latencies and fewer errors —– while monitoring the user’s digital path to uncover opportunities for improvement and innovation.

deliver efficient and reliable user experiences

Get a comprehensive view across environments

Tech sprawl is real —– even for tech companies.

Collect, manage and analyze data from choice platforms that deliver the best mix of speed, performance and cost savings.


get a comprehensive view across environments
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Visit the Partnerverse to find a partner that can help you achieve your goals. Our partners help technology and software providers customize Splunk solutions for their unique business needs.

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