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Protect what’s mission critical across the care continuum

Healthcare providers rely on technology. Minimize downtime, as well as security and privacy risks that compromise care and patient trust.

Resilient, mission-critical care

The scale and speed with which we work now would be impossible to do manually. As far as capturing the data and what we do with it, it just wouldn’t be possible.

Ben Miller, Director of HTS Operations, Recursion Pharmaceuticals

Optimize care across the patient continuum

Existing technologies make it difficult to improve patient experiences.

Monitor critical systems to mitigate outages, downtime and delays in care, while ensuring they are safe, always available, seamless and secure.




Monitor security control effectiveness aligned to data privacy laws.

A breach of highly sensitive patient data can erode trust and hinder care.

Perform routine monitoring and auditing to comply with healthcare system rules, regulations and laws. Identify the cause, scope and severity of non-compliance areas and make sure your actions adhere to internal policies.


Keep medical devices and data secure

Give providers visibility into an expanding landscape of IoMT devices.

Mitigate security risk and patient harm with expanded visibility into your medical device threat landscape. Ensure safe and efficient use of medical devices by monitoring security controls that comply with industry standards.


Monitor care delivery over distances

As telehealth scales, providers need improved service availability.

Proactively monitor system and application availability to provision safe, secure healthcare services. Ensure patient data sent over distances is protected and transmitted in real-time.

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