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Healthcare & Life Sciences

Data Analytics: The Next Clinical Toolset

Hard Numbers on the Value of Your Data (Health & Life Sciences: p. 51)

Improve IT Performance.  Protect Patient Privacy.

Developing cutting-edge treatments, improving patient outcomes, and reducing healthcare costs requires access to vast amounts of data and the proper integration of various datasets. Healthcare systems and providers are simultaneously contending with a rapidly changing technology landscape, an unending barrage of regulatory requirements, and an evolving set of consumer demands to deliver quality and high value care. The industry is responding by investing in highly skilled providers, provisioning new technology and looking to data analytics for benchmarking performance. In a competitive market, continuous ability to achieve service excellence is critical to the consumer and maintaining credibility is critical to the business.

Splunk® is an integrated data analytics and security platform that generates data insights supporting mission critical initiatives such as protecting patient records, optimizing workflows to improve the patient experience, correlating data across disparate clinical applications, and securing the dynamic threat landscape.

With Splunk you can:
  • Gain insights into system performance and interact with the broader healthcare ecosystem
  • Protect patient records and comply with regulatory requirements
  • Improve the uptime of your online healthcare services and patient portals
  • Deliver better information access to patients, payers and providers
NewYork-Presbyterian customer background for Splunk NewYork-Presbyterian customer background for Splunk


With Splunk, the possibilities are pretty much limitless in terms of how we can think about the hospital’s data. We want to double down on our use of Splunk to really push this partnership — not only for us, but for healthcare organizations around the country.

Jennings Aske, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at NewYork-Presbyterian

Why Splunk for Healthcare?

Splunk addresses healthcare IT challenges by providing data-driven insights across a broad range of use cases for providers, payors, pharmaceuticals, medical device manufacturers and healthcare information exchanges (HIE).

Medical Device Security and Analytics

Gain full visibility into your network connected medical devices. Bolster your security posture and protect your vulnerable devices with business and operational insights into your devices.

Protect Patient Privacy

Support your MU2 initiatives, HIPAA compliance needs and reduce the risks of HITECH penalties for privacy breaches while monitor any unauthorized access to PHI data.

Medication Security & Drug Diversion

Monitor and trace the drugs from when they are prescribed to when they are administered. For opioids, real-time access to this data can help dramatically reduce abuse.

Performance Monitoring

Analyze data from IT infrastructure, servers and custom applications that enable the Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE) platform. Quickly pinpoint performance issues with specific processes to avoid potential SLA infractions. Improve uptime for the services you offer and help deliver better information access and experience to patients, payors and providers.

Patient Experience

Monitor the patient wait times, level of care, manual process delays, staff shortages, overtreatment, patient readmission and continuity of care.

Monitor Claims Processes

Monitor HIPAA transactions such as 277/278, 837/835, transaction systems and applications supporting these transactions to improve processing durations, standard deviations, claim analytics and fraudulent claims.


Monitor drug inception processes in R&D labs, manufacturing processes, cGxP practices and trace drugs through entire drug supply chain processes using Splunk ITSI, Enterprise Security and Business Flow.

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