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Improve IT Performance. Protect Patient Privacy.

Healthcare is undergoing a transformation and IT is at the forefront of key strategic initiatives. Splunk® provides Operational Intelligence across the healthcare ecosystem to support initiatives such as protecting patient records, optimizing existing systems to improve patient care, and enabling online and mobile access.

Splunk software can help you:

  • Gain insights into system performance and interact with the broader healthcare ecosystem
  • Protect patient records and comply with regulatory requirements
  • Improve the uptime of your online healthcare services and patient portals
  • Deliver better information access to patients, payers and providers
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Customer Success Story

Molina Healthcare

Watch to see how Molina Healthcare is using Splunk IT Service Intelligence to optimize claims processing and call center operations at clinics in underserved communities.

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Why Splunk for Healthcare?

Splunk addresses Healthcare IT challenges by providing operational intelligence across a broad range of use cases for providers, payors, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), medical device manufacturers and healthcare information exchanges (HIE).


Quickly pinpoint performance issues with specific processes to avoid potential SLA infractions.

Claims Processing

Easily profile transactions touching systems and applications supporting the claims process to ensure successful completion.

Protecting Patient Records

Support your MU2 initiatives, HIPAA compliance needs, and reduce the risks of HITECH penalties for privacy breaches with Splunk Enterprise 6.3, certified as an EHR module for audit reporting. 

Device Monitoring

Track usage and performance of medical devices to ensure they are fully functional and capturing patient data securely.

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