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Personalized Dev/Test License FAQ

Splunk customers can now acquire personalized Dev/Test Licenses for internal, non-production use. Each license is limited to 50 GB/day and a six-month term. The program enables individual users within your organization to experiment with new data sources, as well as encourage others in the organization to try the Splunk platform in a frictionless manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Splunk customers can now acquire personalized Dev/Test licenses for internal, non-production use. Each license is limited to 50GB/day and a six-month term. The program enables individual users within your organization to experiment with new data sources, as well as encourage others in the organization to try out the Splunk platform in a frictionless manner.

We are making it simple for anyone in your organization to use Splunk Enterprise to experiment with new data sources and use cases without impacting your production license capacity. It’s an easy way to explore how you can get more from your data and your investment in Splunk.

This offer is open to all customers with active support contracts. While we intend to make this a permanent program, we reserve the right to cancel the offer in the future.

The Dev/Test License enables exploration of new non-production uses of Splunk Enterprise. DevOps is a methodology that combines software development and IT operations into a single function for the delivery of production systems. Thus, Dev/Test Licenses cannot be used for production DevOps or any other in-production processes.

You do not need to upgrade your production Splunk Enterprise systems. However, the Dev/Test License is compatible only with Splunk Enterprise 6.5 or greater, so your Dev/Test system itself must be on the appropriate version. Install Splunk Enterprise 6.5 or greater on the designated Dev/Test system before you attempt to use the Dev/Test License key. Attempting to use a Dev/Test License with an older version of Splunk Enterprise will result in an error stating the key is unrecognized.

Any customer can go to to register a account and download a personalized license. Dev/Test Licenses will be available starting November 1, 2016. Customers who pre-register before that time will receive a notice to complete the registration process upon license availability.

Customers should go to to register. The Dev/Test License key will be delivered via email a short time later.

Dev/Test is a limited feature set license of Splunk Enterprise software that is only meant for non-production use. The Dev/Test environment cannot be run to make production decisions or for production visibility. The exact definition can be found in Splunk’s standard EULA:

  • EULA #2.3 Test and Development Software. If the applicable Order specifies that any Software is provided under a test and development license, then subject to Customer’s compliance with this Agreement, Splunk grants to Customer a nonexclusive, worldwide, nontransferable, nonsublicensable license during the applicable Term to install and use the Test and Development Software within the Licensed Capacity in a non-production system used for software product migration testing, software product pre-production staging, testing new data sources, types or use cases, or other non-production use. In no way should the Test and Development Software be used for any revenue generation, commercial activity or other productive business or purpose. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, Splunk does not provide warranty (Section 10), or indemnification (Section 13) with respect to the Test and Development Software.

No, the Dev/Test License is only for non-production use.

You can deploy Dev/Test software anywhere on-premises or by using an independent cloud service such as AWS. A Dev/Test License cannot be used in Splunk Cloud.

Yes, Splunk Cloud customers with an active subscription are eligible for Dev/Test Licenses. However, licenses cannot be deployed in Splunk Cloud. You must deploy Dev/Test software on-premises or by using an independent cloud service such as AWS.

No, there is no minimum purchase requirement for either Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud. The only requirement is that your licenses are covered by active support contracts or an active Splunk Cloud subscription.

Each license is assigned to the specific individual / user who requested the license within the customer organization. A user may only have one active personalized Dev/Test License at a time (you may renew every six months if desired).

There is no limit to the number of users who can take advantage of this personalized license in your organization.

As the user approaches the end of their license term, they have several options:

  • They can request a new personalized Dev/Test License.
  • If they find value from the Dev/Test License, they may purchase a commercial term or perpetual license from their Splunk sales rep or Splunk Authorized Partner.
  • If the customer is running their Dev/Test License on one of the limited offer Amazon EC2 instances, they will have to start paying for the EC2 instance when the initial six month term expires.

A limited promotion for Dev/Test hosting in Amazon EC2 was offered during the recent .conf2016 event. At this time the offer is over-subscribed. Qualifying customers are being contacted via a separate email.

While the 10GB Splunk Developer License carries some similar attributes to the personalized Dev/Test License, the two licenses are subject to different license terms. The Splunk Developer License is focused primarily on software development, is available to prospects and customers, and is meant to serve a different purpose than the personalized Dev/Test License.

Each license is valid for up to 50 GB daily data ingestion and a six-month renewable term. Several features are limited in the personalized Dev/Test License, including:

  • Support for one authenticated account
  • Single node
  • No clustering
  • No distributed search

These licenses are personalized based on a new identifier in license files, and personalized Dev/Test Licenses within the same organization cannot be stacked together. Personalized Dev/Test Licenses also cannot be stacked with regular Splunk Enterprise licenses or non-personalized Dev/Test Licenses.

If you do not want to accept these limitations because you are testing to move to production in the near term, you can contact your Splunk sales rep or Splunk authorized partner about purchasing a non-feature limited, larger capacity Dev/Test License.