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Real User Monitoring for Full-Fidelity Visibility

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Splunk RUM offers full-fidelity end-to-end visibility of the user experience as part of the Splunk Observability Cloud. Try for free, no credit card required.


Real User Monitoring custom built to optimize performance and troubleshoot faster.


faster troubleshooting

Faster Troubleshooting. End-to-end visibility of full-fidelity data shows every issue from web browsers through backend services and system dependencies.

total visibility

Go-Live with Confidence. Proactively monitor critical service endpoints, APIs, URLs, and business transactions to prevent failures from reaching production.

cloud native

Improve Page Performance. Improve page loading, interactivity, and visual stability with the most modern performance metrics of any Observability platform.

We can now correlate backend traces from Application Performance Management (APM) with frontend traces from RUM. That’s a huge value because that’s been our missing link.

Sean Schade Principal Architect,

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